TERT Questionnaire

T.E.R.T. Questionnaire

This survey is being done by the NENA-TX Chapter to create a database of information on our PSAPs, that will be available to all PSAPs in the State.  The information that is gathered during this survey will be treated as proprietary and will not be sold or shared with vendors and others without a need to know.  Your county’s representative from the NENA-TX Chapter will be contacting you personally in the next weeks, in reference to completing this survey.

Enter your Agency/PSAP Name in the space provided below.

Choose one of the following options:

Primary PSAP
Secondary PSAP

County Name:

PSAP Director/Manager:

Please provide the following contact information for the PSAP Director/Manager:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone


Number of Full-time Employees? 

Number of Part-time Employees: 

Number of Employees per shift:

Number of Dispatchers per shift:

Hours of Operation: (e.g. 24x7x365 or ?): 

Is 9-1-1 Service Provided? Yes   No

If yes: 

Number of dispatch consoles available: 

Service provided for what types of Agencies. (Select all that apply):

Police  Fire   EMS    Sheriff   State Government Other   

If “other”, list here: 

Type of CAD System Used: 

List MDTs/MCTs used for Silent Dispatch: 

List type of Unit Tracking or AVL System: 

Type of GIS (computer mapping) Program Used: 

Type of Phone System Used (e.g. CML, Positron, Plant, etc.) 

Type/Brand of Radio System Used: 

Do you use EMD?  Yes   No

If yes, what type of EMD is used (i.g. Medical Priority, APCO, Power Phone, etc.):

If yes, what type of program is used? Computer EMD Program  Standard Card Sets    Other                

Does Agency utilize TCIC/NCIC? 

If yes, what modules are staff certified in? 

Do you feel you could provide a TEAM to assist other Communication Centers in the event of an emergency?

If yes, how many could you deploy at once? 

Do you use 10 codes or common language? 

Do you service agencies other than your own? If so, list here. 

What is your chain of command structure?

Do you have an Emergency Operations Plan in effect? Yes No

Please provide the contact information for person who is in ultimate control of the PSAP (city/county manager, sheriff, police chief, etc.)

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone


Use this space to add any additional information you wish to share.

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