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NENA Development ConferenceAt the NENA Development Conference (February 5-8 in Orlando, FL), you have the opportunity to learn, in-depth, about the latest issues facing public safety, collaborate with your peers on documents and standards that will govern the emergency communications landscape of the 21st Century, and contribute to 9-1-1’s long-term ability to overcome (and proactively prevent) the challenges ahead.
From both the technical and operations perspectives, attendees of this working conference can expect to roll up their sleeves and lend their expertise to bolster NENA’s current initiatives and identify the emerging topics that will define the association’s path forward in 2012.
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NENA Applauds FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking onNext Generation 9-1-1

Posted: Sep 23 – 09:33 am
On September 22, NENA praised Federal CommunicationsCommission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski for theCommission’s adoption of a Notice of ProposedRulemaking (NPRM) focused on accelerating thedevelopment and deployment of Next Generation9-1-1(?)(NG9-1-1(?)) systems. 
Learn more about the NPRM:

NENA to Co-Host National Workshop on 9-1-1Overload

Posted: Sep 14 – 04:15 pm

The 9-1-1 Industry Alliance (9IA) will host anational workshop on 9-1-1 overload on October 4-5,2011, at theGeorgetown University Hotel and Conference Centerin Washington, D.C. Public safety decision-makersand government officials are invited to engage in anational dialog on this important problem, whichaffects people in need of help due to incidentsranging from routine emergencies to majordisasters. The workshop will feature prominentspeakers, working sessions, and panel discussionsintended to drive a national dialog that will helpalleviate 9-1-1 overload situations.

NENA Remembers September 11th

Posted: Sep 10 – 12:28 pm

On this 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks ofSeptember 11, 2001, NENA mourns the loss of lifethat day in New York, Arlington, VA, and Stonycreek,PA. We honor the efforts of first responders andcitizens alike who participated in the emergencyresponse, allowing so many to return home that nightwhen they themselves would not. Words cannotadequately express the debt of gratitude owed tothese heroes who showed the world, in the face ofunspeakable horror, the best that America andhumanity have to offer. Today, we remember them, thefamiles they left behind, and all affected by thistragedy.

Rep. Eshoo Calls for Nationwide, InteroperableCommunications Network for First Responders

Posted: Sep 7 – 04:50 pm
On September 7, Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Palo Alto),Ranking Member on the House Communications andTechnology Subcommittee, joined with public safetyofficials in calling for bipartisan legislation tocreate a nationwide, interoperable broadbandcommunications network for first responders. Eshoo released the following statement:

Congratulations to Our Summer 2011 ENPs!

Posted: Sep 6 – 02:18 pm

 NENA is proud to recognize the15 individuals who successfully passed the Spring ENP Examand are now officially certified Emergency NumberProfessionals. You can also download a list of all our new ENPs from this testing period.

FCC Announces September Public Safety Showcase

Posted: Sep 1 – 10:56 am

 The Federal Communications Commission’sOffice of Managing Director and the Public Safetyand Homeland Security Bureau recently announced thatduring the month of September, the FCC TechnologyExperience Center will showcase public safety andhomeland security technologies in recognition ofEmergency Preparedness Month. 

The FCC Technology Experience Center (FCC TEC) is an on-site technology lab that provides FCC employees and visitors to FCC headquarters hands-on experience with the latest communications devices and solutions.   During the September showcase, a range of state-of-the-art tools available to first responders and homeland security professionals will be exhibited.

NENA Consolidates Ops & Tech Committees intoNew Structure

Posted: Sep 13 – 02:37 pm
The NENA Executive Board recently approved a reorganization of NENA’s Operations and Technical Committees into a single entity known as the NENA Development Group (NDG), led by the Development Steering Council (DSC). The intent of the reorganization is to create a more interconnected committee structure that better serves the NENA Membership and the emergency services community by addressing operations and technical issues in tandem. The Co-Chairs of the DSC are Pete Eggimann, ENP and Tony Busam, ENP.

Introduction to i3 Webinar – On-Demand ArchiveComing Soon!

Posted: Aug 24 – 03:57 pm

NENA and theNext Generation Partner Programwould like to thank all who attended the first in aseries of webinars on the i3 document that tookplace on Thursday, August 18. An archivedversion of this presentation and question andanswer session designed to increase your knowledgeof i3 and answer some of the “big picture”questions surrounding i3 will be availabe early nextweek.

Visit the Introduction to i3 page for additional baseline information on thedocument.


Posted: Jul 26 – 09:55 am

Visit theNENA Facebook page to see a few pictures of recent PSAP visitsby NENA’s CEO, Brian Fontes, and Director ofGovernment Affairs, Trey Forgety.

President Galway’s Welcome Message

Posted: Jul 13 – 03:01 pm

Greetings NENA Members!

I am honoured to serve as your President for 2011– 2012. The coming year will be filled withgreat opportunities to make significantcontributions to public safety, and I look forwardto working alongside each of you to achieve ourshared goal of advancing 9-1-1 (and all otherthree-digit emergency telephone numbers) into thenext generation.