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Active – Any management, supervisory orsupport personnel responsible for planning, organizing, staffing,directing, controlling, supporting and/or operation functionsrequired in the design, promotion, construction, installation,maintenance, command and/or operation of public safety emergencycommunications systems who are employed, compensated, appointed,or elected by a federal, state, provincial, territorial or localgovernment agency, or an agency substantially supported bygovernment funds, or retired from one of the above categories.All Active Members automatically become members of their Chapterif one exists.

Commercial – People in the businesssector who receive compensation from the design, manufacture,sale, service, maintenance, lease, rental or promotion ofequipment or systems which are used or can be used in publicsafety emergency systems; and those persons who are engaged inwriting, publishing, advising and consulting in the public safetyemergency communications field or who distribute goods andrepresent companies, firms or persons including themselves andothers engaged in such activities. All Commercial Membersautomatically become members of their Chapter if one exists.

Associate – Those persons not eligiblefor Active or Commercial classes of membership; those personsinvolved in the emergency communications field in a capacity ofsupport personnel or in non-supervisory or non-managementpositions; those persons who have otherwise qualified forCommercial or Active membership but are no longer employed oractive in the emergency communications field; or persons with nodirect or indirect connection to the emergency communicationsfield in any way but wish to support the goals and objectives ofNENA. This classification has restrictions.

Application forMembership

Select the appropriate membership category from thedescriptions above. Please also remember to turn in the MemberProfile section that is below the application. Thank you!

____ Active – $75 _____ Commercial -$75 ____ Associate – $40

(Please print or type)

Name :
Title/Position :
Job Function :
Organization :
Address :
City, State :
Zip Code :
Daytime Phone :
Fax :

Referred by :

Credit Card Payment: ___ Visa ___ MasterCard ___ AmericanExpress

Account # _____________________________________ Exp.Date_____________

Signature _____________________________________

Send this completed membership application and payment to:

NENA – 47849 Papermill Rd. – Coshocton, Ohio 43812-9724

Credit card payments may be faxed to: (740) 622-2090

NENA National Office 1-800-332-3911

Member Profile

Select one in each section.

Employer Category    
01 9-1-1 Board 05 Consultant Services 09 Fire Department
02 Government Board 06 Equipment Vendor/Distributor 10 EMS
03 Telephone Company 07 Equip. Manufacturer/Developer 11 Other ______________
04 Independent System Provider 08 Police Department  
Job Classification    
01Director, Agency Head, Supervisor 06 Education & Training 11 Other ____________
02 Marketing/Sales 07 Emerg. Responder, Service Provider 12 9-1-1 Product Mgr.
03 Project Engineer/Systems Designer 08 Dispatcher/Call Taker/Radio Opera. 13 County Elected Official
04 DB Mgr./DB Developer/Addressing 09 Equip. Installation/System Install.  
05 Data Base/Clerical 10 9-1-1 Coordinator

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