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NENA Best Practices Conference

The 2001 NENA Best Practices Conference (BPC--formerly PS Comm) will be November 11-14, 2001, at the Marriott Pavilion Downtown in St. Louis, MO.  Additional information and the complete brochure will be available in late June 2001.

No matter what role you play in the operation of 9-1-1, the primary objective is always the same: to make the 9-1-1 connection—the link through which information and communications flow. With the increasing pace of change increasing and limited resources, 9-1-1 professionals spend the majority of time working on the day-to-day tasks associated with 9-1-1. It is always difficult to find the time to step back and learn or to work on improving your 9-1-1 center operations.

That’s why NENA has created the 9-1-1 Best Practices Conference, the first-ever "Best Practices" in 9-1-1 Center Operations conference. Designed for the busy 9-1-1 center manager, supervisor or decision-maker, this operations conference offers a unique opportunity not only to learn from your industry peers, but also to help shape national policy and standards for 9-1-1 operations.

The 9-1-1 BPC is a combination of presentations and collaborative workshops to help NENA identify the best practices in the operation of 9-1-1 centers. You can help shape the future of 9-1-1 by sharing with others your experiences and best practices. Modeled after NENA’s highly successful Technical Development Conference (TDC), participants help drill out key 9-1-1 operations issues, with an eye towards the development of NENA "Best Practices" and/or operations standards for 9-1-1. NENA recognizes that best practices and standards cannot be fully developed from start to finish in a three-day conference, but what can be accomplished is to identify current best practices, characterize and prioritize areas in need of further development, and then begin to draft NENA 9-1-1 Operations Standards and recommendations.

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