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The Art of Public Safety Dispatching

A video program series specifically designed to meet the unique needs of police, fire and EMS dispatching professionals.
Prices on videos include shipping and handling.)

  • V-01 Dispatcher Skill Building
    (90 minutes)
    Introduction of critical roles and responsibilities – Specific techniques for improving performance – How to become a true dispatching professional – How to further develop a sense of pride and self-esteem.
  • V-02 Telephone Techniques for Dispatchers
    (90 minutes)
    Effective interpersonal communications techniques – Active versus selective listening habits – Specific calming techniques – Information gathering and call processing procedures.
  • V-03 Radio Dispatching Guidelines
    (60 minutes)
    Proper radio message formats – Effective transmission guidelines – Minor radio problem troubleshooting techniques
  • V-04 How to Train Public Safety Dispatchers
    (270 minutes)
    Establishing training goals – Development of training programs – The role of the trainer and desired traits – How to evaluate training programs
  • V-05 Hazardous Materials Awareness for Dispatchers
    (90 minutes)
    Hazardous materials identification – Use of the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook – Response generation protocols – A framework for developing standard operating procedures
  • V-06 Stress and the Dispatcher … A Deadly Combination
    (210 minutes)
    Stress defined – the “Stress Response” – Sources of dispatcher stress – “Burnout” overview – Stress management techniques
  • V-07 Discount Package #1
    V-01,V-02 & V-03
  • V-08 Discount Package #2
    V-01,V-02,V-03,V-04,V-05 & V-06