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MapInfo – Sponsor of NENA’s VoIP and E9-1-1 Web Seminars

NENA E9-1-1 and VoIP Implementation Seminars – full audio & synchronized presentation

#1 – A Focus on E9-1-1 Call Routing (70 minutes) – 03/15/06

#2 – NENA’s VoIP E9-1-1 Checklist (94 minutes) – 04/10/06

#3 – NENA’s VoIP 9-1-1 Operational Issues (88 minutes) – 05/02/2006

NENA’s VoIP and E9-1-1 web seminars are available for full replay free-of-charge, courtesy of sponsor, MapInfo.


A full presentation (including audio and synchronized presentation) is run using Windows Media Player 10. To view and listen to it, we recommend that a broadband connection be used. When clicking on the appropriate seminar’s link at right, Windows Media Player 10 (if you have it installed on your computer) will be opened. It may take several seconds to establish the correct connection and complete the needed software tasks, at which time the seminar session will begin.

The session can be paused/stopped at any time and you can return to it later. If closing WMP 10 and the connection must be done, you can restart the process later and move the timeline forward to find the approximate place you orginally paused/stopped it.

Note: Please close media player before clicking on link, it will launch automatically. Sometimes an error message that WMP 10 was unable to open the file will result. Closing WMP 10 and clicking on the link a second time has worked correctly for the session.

If you have any technical questions or issues, please send your email queries to [email protected]. We would like feedback on your user experience and especially comments on using media players other than Windows Media Player. If you are experiencing a server error, it is most likely caused by network congestion. Please try again later.

How to submit questions?

For those participating in a seminar session via this method and wishing to post questions, email Rick Jones,  [email protected]. All questions and their answers will be placed in a file and a link to it will be provided on this web page. All questions asked during the March 15, April 10 and May 2 sessions were answered during them and are included in the broadcasts.

NENA’s first VoIP seminar, held March 15, 2006 covered general call routing information, trunking, ESNs, ESQKs, shell records, default, overflow and alternate trunking, and testing.

NENA’s second VoIP seminar, held April 10, 2006 covered various VoIP and E9-1-1 planning and implementation topics, including PSAP preparation, deployment planning, VoIP implementation checklist, provisioning alternate emergency access number(s), failures/outages (types, misrouting, private call center usage), testing and training.

NENA’s third VoIP seminar, held May 2, 2006, covered various VoIP and 9-1-1 call delivery methods and related operational issues, including pre-E9-1-1 implementation. It also covered ongoing operational issues after VoIP and E9-1-1 implementation.

NENA VoIP and E9-1-1 Implementation Seminars – PowerPoint presentations

#1 – A Focus on E9-1-1 Call Routing – 03/15/06

#2 – NENA’s VoIP E9-1-1 Checklist 04/10/06

#3 NENA  VOIP and 9-1-1 Operational Issues 05/02/06

NENA VoIP and E9-1-1 Implementation Seminars – q & a discussion text

#1 – A Focus on E9-1-1 Call Routing – q & a doc – 03/15/06

#2 – NENA E9-1-1 VoIP Checklist – q&a doc – 04/10/06

#3 – NENA VoIP and 9-1-1 Operational Issues – q&a doc – 05/02/06