Human Resources

Subcommittee Chairs
Wendy Lively
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Spartanburg Co NC 9-1-1
[email protected] 864-596-2050 ext 107

Ed Marecki
PSAP Manager
[email protected] 302-739-5868




The mission of the Human Resources subcommittee of the NENA Operations Committee is to undertake an on-going and systemic review of emergency communications center human resources policies, processes, practices and standards. 

To complete is mission, the Human Resource Committee will make findings, issue reports, conduct studies and disseminate information regarding human resource subjects and provide opportunities for interaction among NENA members interested in the enhancement of emergency communications center human resource issues.

Completed Documents

There is an amazing amount of Human Resources useful information on the web. Finding what is appropriate can often be a challenge. The Human Resources Sub-Committee Resource List OID (Operational Information Document) provides useful Internet resource/information links. It contains links ranging from staffing formula assistance to stress management. Federal government, various associations and several private companies have web sites providing useful and free information. OID topic pointers cover legal issues and informational sources, employee selection and training, scheduling and staffing, PSAP operations, employee assistance and general issues.

Documents in Progress:

  • New Hire Training
  • Scheduling
  • Selection Guide Principle 
  • Staffing
  • Scheduling and Staffing
  • New Employee Handbook/Orientation Manual

Topic Scope and Content being Defined:

  • Employee Selection
  • Employee Compensation & Benefits Survey/Study
  • New Employee Training