VoIP/Packet Committee Status



VoIP/Packet Committee


Nate Wilcox
[email protected]  


E9-1-1 Requirements Working Group 

Lead:  Terry Reese 

IP Characteristics Working Group
Lead:  Mike Aprile 

SDO Status Working Group
Lead:  Mark Linsner 
Migratory Solutions Working Group 
 Lead:  Mark Lewis 
Long Term Solutions Working Group
Leads:  Brian Rosen and James Polk
VoIP Location Working Group 
Lead:  Nadine Abbott

VoIP Technical Forum Report

VoIP Presentations

bullet Typical E9-1-1 Architecture
bullet NENA Future Path Plan Target for E9-1-1 Evolution
bullet VoIP Technology Developments and Trends
bullet Core VoIP & 911 Issues & Alternatives
bullet IP Unites Solution Requirement
bullet VoIP E9-1-1 Recommendations for Path Forward
bullet Location Determination Technologies
bullet VoIP E911 Location Evolution
bullet VoIP E9-1-1 Solution(s)