NENA Recommended Standards





NENA Recommended Technical Standards

NENA Recommended Standards are developed by the NENA Technical Committees: Network, Data, PSAP/CPE and ALEC/PS. Once approved by the NENA Executive Board, these recommended standards help ensure consistency in the 9-1-1 industry. Telcos, vendors and users all benefit from widespread adoption of the recommended standards.

Please note: All NENA Standards are now available for download as Adobe PDF files; Instructions.

01 Standards – Technical Standards Administration

01-001 NENA Technical Organization and Standards Process   
Supplement to 01-001
01-002 Master Glossary of 9-1-1 Terminology 

02 Standards – Technical Data


Recommended Formats For Data Exchange (Revised)

02-002 Recommended Standards for E9-1-1 Data Base Maintenance
02-003 Protocols For Data Exchange 
02-004 Measurements for Data Quality 
02-005 Standards for Local Service Providers 
02-006 Standards For Service Provider Local Number Portability 
02-010 Standards For Recommended Formats & Protocols For Data Exchange 
02-011 NENA Recommended Data Standards For Local Exchange Carriers, ALI Service Providers and 9-1-1 Jurisdictions  
02-011 Supplemental Application to 02-011 (OM2 911 Xchange). 

03 Standards – Technical Network

03-001 NENA Network Quality Assurance   03-002 NENA Recommendation for the implementation of Enhanced MF Signaling, E9-1-1 Tandem to PSAP   03-003 NENA Recommendation for the implementation of Inter-Networking, E9-1-1 Tandem to Tandem 03-004 NENA Recommendation for an E9-1-1 Functional Entity Model

04 Standards – Technical PSAP