NENA North American 9-1-1 Resource Database

The National PSAP Registry is now being integrated and expanded into what is now called “The North American 9-1-1 Resource Database.” This central database will continue to fulfill the NPR’s original purpose for supporting PSAP personnel to locate and contact other PSAPs during critical call transfer situations.

Additionally, a recent FCC order requiring VoIP 9-1-1 call delivery presented an opportunity to reinforce NENA as the trusted source for critical 9-1-1 information. The order generated the need for a single database inter-relating PSAP and Selective Router (`E9-1-1 Tandem’) information. A new “9-1-1 System Reference Guide,” composed of information included in the expanded North American 9-1-1 Resource Database, will facilitate service provider FCC compliance and each PSAP’s strong need to maximize emergency 9-1-1 call delivery on dedicated 9-1-1 trunks and minimize emergency calls on 10 digit lines.

Currently the 9-1-1 Resource Database has two products available, the National PSAP Registry and the 9-1-1 System Reference Guide.  Click on the appropriate name below for more information and to inquire about access.

  • Access the National PSAP Registry
    (restricted to PSAPs and PSAP administrative personnel)
    (requires pre-arranged User ID and password)

  • How to request access to the National PSAP Registry

    The online PSAP Registry is limited to use by PSAPs and PSAP administrators.  If you qualify, send the following information to [email protected].

Your name
The PSAP name or related organizational entity you are associated with
Your relationship to PSAP operations (PSAP manager, County coordinator, etc)
PSAP address, including County name
Contact telephone number
You can add your email address if you wish, but it will be on the email you send

Where necessary, this information will be used to crosscheck your appropriateness for access, and then a userID and initial password will be issued to you.  This can require up to five days, but is usually quicker.  Please send any other questions to [email protected].

For any further questions, please send an email to:   [email protected].