911Talk E-mail List

The 911Talk email list is a great way to network with other NENA members and your peers in 9-1-1. Discuss current events, ask for help on an issue or problem, ask your peers questions about their experiences in 9-1-1, bounce ideas off each other… If it’s related to the technology or management of 9-1-1, you can talk about it here.

Best of all, the 911Talk list knows no geographic boundaries! Once you join the list and start sending messages, your email is received by all members of the list from across the U.S. and Internationally. That makes staying up to date and networking with your peers easy and fun.


How Does 911Talk Work?

9-1-1Talk is an email list server.  Once you join and become a member of the list, you may send your questions and messages to the list.  Your email message goes to 911Talk, and bounces out to every member of the list.  As a list member, you also receive every message that is sent to the list by other list members.  You can opt to receive these either one-by-one as they are sent to 911Talk throughout the day, which is called the Regular version, or you can choose the Digest version.  With the Digest, you receive one email per day from 911Talk, with all the messages from the day listed in it.

Please participate in the discussions when you have information to offer.  The more list members who participate, the more valuable the list will be to all of us!

How do I Join or Manage My 911Talk Account?

Individual list members may subscribe themselves to the listserv by visiting the listserv web interface or by sending a plain text, blank email from the address they wish to subscribe.


Changing Readership Preferences

To switch to a daily digest, visit the listserv web interface or send a quick email command as follows:
Option A – Switch to a Daily Digest via the Web Interface
2. Enter your email address in the “Your email address” field (leave the password blank) and click the “Click here to enter 911talk” button.
3. Click the “Your Settings” button.
4. Change “Status” to “digest” (or one of the other options if you prefer) and click “Save”.
Option B – Switch to a Daily Digest via Email
1. Create a new email addressed to [email protected]
2. Add the following message:
set 911talk digest
3. Send the email.
You will receive a confirmation of the change in your listserv status.

How do I Unsubscribe?

Individual list members may unsubscribe themselves from the listserv by visiting the listserv web interface or by sending a plain text, blank email from the address they wish to unsubscribe.
Unsubscribe instructions containing a unique identifier for each member are located in the default footer of each email.

What are the List Rules?

The NENA 911Talk list server is for NENA, 9-1-1 and emergency communications/services related discussions. While the list is not moderated, NENA reserves the right to delete any message or remove any participant from the list. Please keep messages as brief as possible and provide Internet addresses for more information when available.

No commercial announcements are allowed on the list, nor discussion not germane to NENA, technical or managerial topics relating to 9-1-1. (List members not adhering to the guidelines may be warned and/or removed from the 911Talk email list. While the list is currently open to all members of the 9-1-1 industry, NENA reserves the right to limit list membership to NENA members.)

To avoid spreading viruses to list members, email attachments are not allowed. If you need to send an attachment, notify a list member of a commercial offering, or carry on a one-on-one discussion, please email the person individually. Remember, messages sent to the NENA 911Talk list are archived on the NENA web site and may be viewed by the general public.

Be sure to add your name, company/agency, and contact information to the email messages you send to the list. This is typically called your “signature” and may be able to be automatically added to each email you send using settings in your email software. Email messages sent to the list don’t automatically denote who the sender is.

What if I Need Help or Have Questions?

If you need help or have questions about the list, please email [email protected]