NENA Committees

NENA Committees      
Committee Chairperson PhoneNo. Email
Constitution& Bylaws Rick Galway, ENP 905-515-8306

[email protected]

EducationAdvisory Board

Brian Bark, ENP


[email protected]

Membership Toni Dunne, ENP 512-291-8160 [email protected]
Nominating Bill McMurray, ENP 415-499-7244 [email protected]

E9-1-1 Institute

Bill McMurray, ENP 415-499-7244 [email protected]

Editorial Board

Toni Dunne, ENP 512-291-8160 [email protected]

Emeritus Council of Past Presidents

Richard Taylor, ENP


[email protected]

PSAG Jim Goerke 512-918-3415 [email protected]
ESIF Management Team

David Jones, ENP
(Board Liaison)

864-596-2050, x101

[email protected]

Roger Hixson, ENP
(Staff Liaison)


[email protected]

Billy Ragsdale,
Tech Lead Liaison & Industry Advisor
678-418-8911 [email protected]
Finance & Operations Dr. Bill Munn, ENP 817-334-0911 [email protected]

NENA Institute

Captain Stephen Gordon, ENP 504-658-5100 [email protected]


Jason Barbour, ENP 919-989-5059 [email protected] 

Regulatory/Legislative Affairs

Paul Fahey 508-828-2911  [email protected]
ComCARE Board of Directors

Richard Taylor, ENP
(Board Liaison)


[email protected]

NAED College of Fellows Alliance Board John Crabill, ENP
(Board Liaison)
240-773-7036 [email protected]
TechnicalCommittees Chairperson PhoneNo. Email
Technical Issues Director Roger Hixson, ENP 800-332-3911

[email protected]

TechnicalCommittee Liaison Billy Ragsdale


[email protected] 

TechnicalAdvisory Board Bill McMurray, ENP 415-499-7244 [email protected]
DataStandards Delaine Arnold, ENP


[email protected]    

PSAP/CPE Mike Vislocky 561-999-1299 [email protected]
Network Bob Gojanovich, ENP 212-356-5107 [email protected] 
Non-TraditionalCommunications Tony Busam 503-566-5902 [email protected]
VoIP/Packet Nathan Wilcox 802.748.5503 [email protected] 
Wireless John Garner, ENP 601-209-8201 [email protected]
OperationsCommittees Chairperson PhoneNo. Email
Operations Issues Director Rick Jones, ENP 800-332-3911 [email protected]
Operations Committee Liaison

Norm Forshee, ENP

618-277-7316, x106

[email protected]

Operations Advisory Board Bill McMurray, ENP 415-499-7244 [email protected]
PSAP Service Integration Susan Sherwood 913-794-8576 [email protected]
StandardOperating Procedures Steve O’Conor, ENP 321-690-6846 [email protected]
Accessibility Richard Ray 323-661-2723 [email protected]
PublicEducation ChristyWilliams, ENP 817-695-9204 [email protected]
VoIP Pete Eggimann, ENP 651-603-0104 [email protected]