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NENA PSAP Draft Standard #001

Subject: Forwarding 9-1-1 calls to anotherPSAP/Jurisidiction/Agency

The PSAP must have an established written procedure regarding, ifa
9-1-1 call received is forwarded to anotherPSAP/jurisdiction/agency,
which provides that:

1. The caller is advised that their call is being forwarded.

2. The calltaker stay on the line with the caller.

3. The calltaker provides the other PSAP/jurisdiciton/agency,when
they answer the call being forwarded:

a. the identity of the forwarding PSAP
b. that this is a 9-1-1 call being forwarded
c. that the forwarding PSAP stay on line with the caller until
the other PSAP/jurisdiciton/agency establishes voice
contact with the caller.

4. That process of forwarding the call can, throught the use of
equipment available to the calltaker at the calltakers work
station, be achieved in fifteen (15) seconds or less.

NENA PSAP Draft Standard #002

Subject: Non-English speaker language interpretaton capability

The PSAP must have an established process by which, when acalltaker
receives a 9-1-1 request for emergency service from a non-english
speaking call, that the calltaker can, if unable to speak withthe
caller in the lnaguage spoken by the caller, obtain interactive
language interpretation within two (2) minutes from the time the
calltaker dertermines that language interpretation is necessary.

NENA PSAP Draft Standard #003

Subject: PSAP alternate (backup) electrical power supply

1. The PSAP must have a means by which, in the event of the
interruption and/or loss of the primary electrical power to thePSAP,
an alternate electrical power supply, adequate to maintain the
critical functions of the PSAP for an indefinite period, that
automatically activates upon the interruption and/or loss ofprimary
electrical power.

2. The alternate electrical power supply must be tested at leastone
(1) time each month for a period of at least fifteen (15) minutes
under load.

3. A log must be maintained which serves to document that theabove
test was conducted. The log must also note if the test was
satisfactory or not satisfactory and if not satisfactory, whataction
was taken and when the problem was resolved.

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