Network Techincal Committee

NENA – Network Technical Committee

The Network Technical Committee is organized into twosubcommittees, Network and Wireless. These two groups operated independently at theTelco/Vendor Conference. Representatives from the subcommittees acted as TrackCoordinators for the conference, essentially treating the conference as an expandedsubcommittee meeting. This approach ensured that the activities of the Telco/Vendorconference and the NTC are consistent.

The NTC will be meeting on June 17 in Baltimore. We willalso host a joint meeting with TIA TR 45.2 on June 18. If I can provide any additionalinformation, please let me know.

Committee Chair:
Bob Gojanovich
Bell Atlantic

[email protected]
777 Parkway Ave. Ewing, NJ 08618
609-599-8222     fax 609-771-6022

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