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The following information is limited to availability at the time of compilation. Other companies may have added TDD/TTY trainers or programs.

Please note that NENA does not endorse any particular vendor or product.

911 ? TTY Education Program
Community Service Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
1609 19
th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122-2848
206-322-4996 V/TTY
206-720-3251 Fax

E.A.S.E. (Emergency Access Self Evaluation)
Telecommunications for the Deaf Inc. (TDI)
8630 Fenton St., Suite 604
Silver Spring, MD 20910
301-589-3786 V
301-589-3006 TTY
301-589-3797 Fax

TDD Training for Public Safety Dispatchers
Public Safety Training Consultants
Redwood City, CA

TDD/TTY Communications for 9-1-1
ComTek Consulting
4301 Taloga Ct.
Austin, TX 78749
512-282-1317 V/TTY

Responding Effectively to 9-1-1 TDD Calls
Institute for Disabilities Research and Training Inc. (IDRT)
2424 University Blvd. West
Silver Spring, MD 20902
301-942-4326 V/TTY
301-942-4439 Fax