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NENA-DOT National Clearinghouse

NENA and the U.S. Department of Transportation are pleased to provide a national source of information on Wireless E 9-1-1 planning, implementation, and operations resources. NENA and the US DOT have partnered to gather and organize the best examples of this information from various states, work groups, and ongoing development efforts. Material is currently being collected, and will be added to the site as new information is established. Comments or inquiries can be directed to Jim Goerke, Interim Executive Director, or Roger Hixson, Technical Issues Director, at NENA.

bullet IA Wireless Service Agreement
bullet MN Phase I Model Contract
bullet MN Wireless E9-1-1 Criteria
bullet NENA Phase I Checklist-v2
bullet NENA Phase II Checklist 5-14-02
bullet TN Cost Recovery MOU
bullet TX Phase I Service Agreement
bullet TX Phase II Amendment
bullet VT Phase I & II MOU
bullet WA Phase I Service Agreement
bullet WA Phase II Amendment
bullet Model Contract Draft Phase II
bullet WA Wireless Contract ATT
bullet WA Wireless Contract Cingular
bullet WA Wireless Contract Nextel
bullet WA Wireless Contract Qwest
bullet WA Wireless Contract Sprint
bullet WA Wireless Contract VoiceStream


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