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In order to serve our membership better, NENA’s online education program has been reformatted. The membership will benefit by having the opportunity to choose from two different online educational formats. 

Archived Educationline: The first format is new! Archived courses allow public safety officials to take a public safety educational course at their own convenience. Therefore, no set date. No set start time.  Just register, log on and learn. The archived courses are offered for $25.00 per person and the attendee must have computer speakers in order to view the session.  NENA will add additional archived courses on a regular basis to the Web site.   

Live Seminars: The second format is the traditional Educationline courses the membership has grown to enjoy. These courses are taught by live instructors via the Internet and a conference call. The live sessions will be available starting in Fall 2002 on pertinent topics effecting public safety today. The cost will be $75.00 per connection.

Both of these online seminar formats will still earn you ¼ point per class toward ENP certification or ENP re-certification. If you have any questions regarding Educationline, please contact NENA at 1-800-332-3911. 


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