Report Card to the Nation (RCN)

Grading the performance of 9-1-1 is a critical first step in understanding how well 9-1-1 is serving the American public.  Analyzing factors that make 9-1-1 successful both today and tomorrow is the focus of this first-ever report on 9-1-1.

An RCN Commission was formed by NENA to review and grade the performance of 9-1-1. The Commission set the scope and developed the criteria for grading.  With the criteria established, NENA designed and conducted a research effort to gather primary and secondary data on 9-1-1 service and the 9-1-1 industry.  The first result was the Report Card to the Nation Congressional Summery that NENA released on September 11, 2001 in Washington DC.

This important effort will continue with a soon-to-be released 9-1-1 System Survey and Resource Guide–a tool for professionals in 9-1-1.

The NENA PSAP Registry is NOW Available!

No longer will you wish you had the contact information of a PSAP in another county, jurisdiction, or state when an emergency situation arises! With the up-to-date contact information located in the NENA PSAP Registry, you will be able to effectively communicate and work with other PSAPs across the county to solve emergency situations!

In a time when accurate public safety information can shave off precious time from an emergency call situation, it is crucial that the information within the NENA PSAP Registry is current! By simply logging-on to the Registry, you will have access to other PSAP contact information in seconds! 

The primary goal of the Registry is to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and efficiency of the information that is passed among PSAPs, private call centers and other stakeholders in emergency situations. Because of the sensitive nature of the contact information that will be contained within the NENA PSAP Registry, access to the Registry will be secure and password-protected.

Because of the importance of having accurate information within the NENA PSAP Registry, please take a moment to verify that your PSAP contact information is correctly reflected in the Registry. After your initial verification is complete, you will be able to begin using the Registry immediately!

The NENA Wireless Implementation Program
USDOT’s Support of Implementing Wireless E9-1-1

NENA, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), APCO, NASNA and other stakeholders, is conducting a Wireless Implementation Program to stimulate wireless Phase I and Phase II implementation throughout the U.S.

Strategic Wireless Action Team (SWAT)

More info coming soon!