NENA 9-1-1Report Card to the Nation

The NENA 9-1-1 System Survey and Resource Guide reference book, a part of the Report Card to the Nation series, is in print and now available here on the NENA web site. The book includes more than 250 pages of valuable information 9-1-1 professionals just can’t afford to miss. Please see below for the complete contents summary. Your subscription to the book also includes access to the 9-1-1 System Survey Online Resource Center, a comprehensive data base of Internet web sites/links and sample documents.
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9-1-1 System Survey and Resource Guide Contents Summary:

Section I         PSAP Operations


Contains the analytical results of NENA’s research.  It will outline and explain national statistics such as total 9-1-1 calls received and the makeup of those calls (traditional wireline vs. wireless call origin), as well as operational statistics such as equipment prevalence and staffing trends among survey respondents. Public Perception of 9-1-1 presents the conclusions drawn from a public opinion poll conducted by Harris Interactive.  The results of this poll indicate the general public’s opinion on the effectiveness of the 9-1-1 system in America.


Section II        PSAP Operations Benchmarking


Outlines the results of in-depth discussions with selected PSAPs throughout the country about their operational issues and how they resolved them.  The result is a large offering of representative practices data that any PSAP manager will find invaluable.


Section III      Service Systems Infrastructure


The 9-1-1 system is constantly changing, evolving in response to changes in technology, government policy, and operations requirements. Most people familiar with 9-1-1 now believe that there is a need to “re-invent” 9-1-1 over the next few years in order to keep up with changes in telecommunications. This section briefly examines key issues impacting E9-1-1 and how the industry is responding to those issues.


Section IV       Evolution of 9-1-1


Summarizes the results of surveying the major E9-1-1 service system providers on the status of E9-1-1 system technology and enhancement plans. Also discusses the drivers for change, and typical examples, in the 9-1-1 network and data base areas. 


Section V        Resource Center

This resource center was developed to provide 9-1-1 related web sites all in one location. This section contains two parts: The first part includes web sites pertaining to public safety and 9-1-1. The second part includes information on vendor products as provided by NENA’s vendor community. This is simply a listing of service options and is in no way a recommendation of products.
As you know, web pages and sites are ever-changing and sometimes expire. NENA’s 9-1-1 System Survey and Resource Guide: Online Resource Center will be updated with the current information on the web sites that are provided in this section.

A Special Thank You
NENA and the RCN Commission would like to thank RCN sponsors Intrado, SBC Communications, Kaiser Permanente, BellSouth, and American Public Communications Council for their support of this landmark project. NENA also extends a special thank you to Intrado for their in-kind support of the media relations efforts for the project.