NG E9-1-1 Program

Next Generation

In the past 15 years advancements in modern communications technology have put a spotlight on the need for a more appropriate system for accessing emergency care—in essence, a 9-1-1 system that is able to adapt rapidly to new technology and support new communications devices. From the start, NENA has been at the forefront. Not only has the organization released a “Report Card to the Nation” that reviews and grades it current performance, but it has implemented the “Next Generation E9-1-1 Partnership.” Just a year old, NENA’s Next Generation E9-1-1 Program is a joint public-private working group developed to further the mission of creating safer communities by advancing technology, policy and operations issues through research and planning. 

To date, the program is supported by 25 program partners, which include key representatives from leading communications companies.

NGE9-1-1 Program Partners

Texas 9-1-1 Alliance


NG E9-1-1 Management Team Meeting – January 26, 2005

Representatives from leading organizations in the communications industry met in Arlington, Virginia for the initial management team meeting of NENA’s Next Generation E9-1-1 (NG E9-1-1) Program. Summary of Management Team Meeting.

The NG E9-1-1 Program Overview

The Program is organized into three topic Roundtable groups around NENA disciplines and areas of concerns. The Roundtables include:

(1)   Technical Roundtable

(2)   Policy Roundtable, and

(3)   Operational/Educational Roundtable.

The Roundtables are scheduled to meet in person a maximum of four times a year in connection with regularly scheduled NENA meetings and activities. The work of the Roundtables is to enhance, not replace, the work of other NENA programs, activities, and committees. The three Roundtables form the foundation for further additional dialogue among stakeholders and are intended to help identify appropriate supplementary activities that are needed and to further NG E9-1-1 goals, work and principals.

All Roundtable participants are to provide one key representative per organization to join the Management Team, comprised of top NENA elected leadership and staff directors.

A Partnership for Progress

The NG E9-1-1 Program represents the efforts of NENA’s members and allies to create a public-private partnership to further needed dialogue to improve the nation’s 9-1-1 system. NENA has recent success in such efforts, including its partnership with the United States Department of Transportation (US DoT), the Congressional E9-1-1 Caucus and Institute as well as other likeminded organizations to further the goals of 9-1-1 in North America and throughout the world.