2001 NENA Conference Session Tapes Available





2001 NENA Conference Session Tapes Available
The following sessions were recorded on audiocassette at the NENA 2001 Annual Conference, held June 24-28, 2001, in Orlando, Florida. 

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Cassettes are priced at $12.00 each. (Sessions marked with an * include two cassettes.) Quantity discounts are available as follows: 10% on orders of 12 or more cassettes; 15% on orders of 24 or more cassettes; 25%on orders of 36 or more cassettes.

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Monday, June 25, 2001

01.* Wireless Implementation Panel…Moderator: Ron Whinery; Panelists: Roger Hixson, Laverne Hogan and Kris Monteith (Two Cassettes)

02. ITS Public Safety Program…Moderator: William Baker

03. GIS Overview – Mapping 101: Understanding the Essentials of an Essential Technology…Chuck Ronshagen

04. Hackers, Crackers and Mistakes: Systems Security and Vulnerability…Stephen Meer

05. Hiring Successful Call Takers and Dispatchers… Carla Swander and Oscar Spurlin, PhD

06. Ick! I Hate Evaluations: Ideas for Comm Center Evaluation Improvement…Sue Pivetta

07. PSAP Consolidation – A Statewide Evaluation…William L. Doolittle and Gary E. Boyd

08. Emergency Call Services in Australia…Len Bytheway and Dianne Frey

09. The Real Impact: Packet Switched Voice and E9-1-1…Michael Berta

10. Database Maintenance for the Future…Mary Hester

12. Critical Incident Stress: A Look at Oklahoma City Six Years Later…Tony Harrison

13. 911 for Kids: The National Education Program for Children and Youth…Elise Kim and Nancy Swanson

14. Wireless TTY Access…Ed Hall

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

17. Wireless Phase II: Success through Planning and Teamwork…Brian Davenport, Mary Hester and Nancy Brinks

18. Introduction to Wireless 9-1-1…Johnnie Woods

19. ALISA – Understanding the Telephone Company 9-1-1 Database System…Tammy Eickel

20. High Performance Humor: A Tool for Total Life Enjoyment…Phil Sorentino

21. “Report Card to the Nation” PSAP Benchmarking Study…Russ Russell

22. The Future of Mapping in Public Safety…Robert White

23.* Telematics – Automatic Collision Notification Panel…Moderator: Bob Miller; Speakers: Angelo Salvucci, Jr., MD, Ricardo Martinez, MD and Robert Thompson (Two Cassettes)

24. Integrated PSAPs – Beyond 9-1-1…Eric Sorensen

25. Wireless Number Portability – The Other Phase II…Rick Jones

26. Piecing Together the GIS Puzzle for E9-1-1 and Phase II Wireless…W. Brant Howard

27. Is a CAD/RMS in Your Future?…Guy Lassonde

28. Recent ADA Developments for 9-1-1 Centers…Robert Mather

29. Hackers, Crackers, Terrorists and 9-1-1 Centers…Chris Tucker and Joseph Popinski, III

30. Expanding E9-1-1 Services to Users of PBXs: Regulations, Technologies, and PSAP Impact…Ray Paddock

31. Wireless 9-1-1 Implementation in Illinois…Jim Neuses

32. Advances in Spatial Database to Support Wireless 9-1-1…Xavier Lopez

33. EMD and Dispatch Accreditation/Standards: What Every 9-1-1 Center Should Know…Rob Martin and Carlynn Garcia

34. Mobile Mapping Solutions for an Efficient 9-1-1 Response…Art Michaud

35. Reduce Employee Turnover…James E. Kuthy

36.* Public Education Panel…Moderator: David Jones (Two Cassettes)

37. Emergency Notification: Making Seconds Count… Rich McDonald

38. You Want Us to Do What?…John Benson

39. Addressing: Tips, Tricks, & Pitfalls to Avoid…Robert White

40. Planning and Design of a New PSAP Facility…David Schrader and Brian Bark

41. Defining Public Safety Using an Internet Vocabulary (VoIP, VoP, XML, TCP/IP)…Eileen Boroski and Eric Sorensen

42. The Future of 9-1-1…Russ Russell

43. Liability – What You REALLY Need to Know!…Richard Behr and Kevin B. Willett

44. 9-1-1 Metrics…Tim Jenkins and Beth Ozanich

45. Wireless 9-1-1? Does It Demand Mapping & Graphics?: What’s the Best Approach?…Gary Pulford

46. Complete 9-1-1 Mapping Solutions for Wireline & Wireless Implementation…Tommy Takeshita

47. Design and Construction of a New PSAP Facility…David Schrader and Brian Bark

48. PBX & 9-1-1: Will There Be Solutions to the Problems?…Moderator: Roger Hixson; Speakers: Mary Boyd, Tom Sikorski and Ric Atkins

49. 3-1-1 in the Real World…John Arnstein

50. Cyberterrorism and the 9-1-1- Infrastructure…Dave Larton and Dennis Keener

51. It Can Happen Here! School Violence Update…Kevin B. Willett and Richard Behr

52. E9-1-1 Lessons from Illinois…Alicea Nixon

53. Data Technical Committee Readout…Barbara Thornburg

54. Fire Communications Issues…Steven D. Rivas

55. GIS and Map Displays for Wireless 9-1-1…Bruce Heinrich

56. When Is Enough, Enough?…Bill Weaver

57. Understanding Your Latino Community: How to Better Handle Spanish-Speaking Callers…Greg Sheehan

58. 9-1-1 in a Volatile Environment: The Changing CLEC Industry…Mark Scott, Kim Reid, Judy Tran and Paula Gallagher 

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

59. Public Safety Industry Panel

60. Are You Really Listening?…Phil Sorentino

61. Is Your CAD System Ready for Wireless E9-1-1?… Donald Solberg

62. Using the Internet as a Telecommunications Resource…Rob Martin and Richard Bilger

63. Coordinate Based Routing: Will You Know Where They Really Are?…Beth Ozanich

64. Planning for a New or Upgraded PSAP Facility… Verdette Hall

65. Financing Solutions for the Emergency Services Industry…D. C. Greer

66. There Are Lies, Damned Lies & Then There’s Statistics

67. Mapping the Drive to Strategic Planning…William L. Doolittle

68. Mission Possible…Toni Dunne

69. Telematics 2001…Robert W. Thompson

70.* 9-1-1 Center Operations Panel: What’s New and What Challenges Do We Face?…Moderator: John Kelly (Two Cassettes)

71. Wireless PSAP Solutions…Jerry Merlick

72. Enhanced 9-1-1: Can They Find You?…George Supan

73. The Future PSAP – What Will Impact It – What Will It Look Like?…Eileen Boroski and Mary Boyd

74. Return-on-Investment from Your GIS and E9-1-1 System…Ronald Cramer

75. Applying the New Millennium’s Technology to Your PSAP…Stan Heffernan and Dan Darnell

76. Strategic Planning in the Public Safety Environment…John Arnstein and Mike Sadlowski

77. Announcing NENA’s Wireless Carrier Testing and Certification Program: Location Accuracy for Wireless 9-1-1 Calls…Mark Adams, Roger Hixson, Mike Hunter and Bob Miller

78. The Legislative Labyrinth: Working through the Capital Maze…Lisa Dator

79. Innovative Wireless Mobile Data Technologies Impacting Public Safety…Steve Miller

80. Creating Your Own In-Service on a Budget… LeAnn E. Krieg

81. Putting a 9-1-1 Call in Context – Using 9-1-1 Data to Search Other Databases…Peter R. Nelson

82. How to Evaluate the Quality of a Street Network Database…Phyllis Foxworth

83. The Benefits of an Integrated 9-1-1 Solutions Provider…Paul Guest

84. How to be a Major League Player When You’re in the Little League…Arthur Kraus

85. 3-1-1: A New Level of Citizen Service…Brian Duesing

86.* Wireless Carrier Waiver Requests Panel…Moderator: Jim Goerke (Two Cassettes)