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NENA Events

NENA features a number of educational, networking and “working” forums, sessions and conferences each year. Read the synopses below or click on the links at left for additional information and registration forms.

Annual Conference & Trade Show

NENA’s Annual Conference and Trade Show will celebrate its 21st anniversary in June 2002.  The event is held in a major city in North America in mid-June every year, and is attended by 9-1-1 professionals from all facets of the public and private sectors.  Attendees choose from more than 80 educational sessions, and can learn about 9-1-1 products and services at the 120-vendor Trade Show.

Technical Development Conference

The Technical Development Conference (TDC), held in Orlando every March, is a working session in which 9-1-1 professionals converge to discuss and plan new technical standards for the 9-1-1 industry.  The three-day event is the catalyst for widely-adopted NENA Technical Standards.  The TDC is a workshop and there are no exhibits or vendor presentations.

9-1-1 Best Practices Conference Conference

The 9-1-1 Best Practices Conference focuses on the “best practices” in 9-1-1 center operations and management. The BPC conference is for the busy 9-1-1 center manager, supervisor or decision-maker.  Attendees have the unique opportunity to learn from industry peers and help shape national policy and standards for 9-1-1 center operations.

Critical Issues Forums

NENA hosts several Critical Issues Forums each year to inform and educate industry professionals about important national issues that challenge 9-1-1.  While CIF topics vary, the forums are usually attended by individuals from both the public and private sectors of the industry.  Many CIFs include in-depth discussion about these important issues.

NENA Chapter Conferences

Many of NENA’s 48 chapters in North America hold their own Annual Conference and Trade Show events. These events are planned and executed independently, so check the link at left for dates and contact information.