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NENA News archive articles will generally be posted no sooner than six months following their original publication. (All recent articles are Adobe PDF files; Instructions)  Articles with a Wireless 9-1-1 focus are marked with a W!

Spring 2002

9-1-1’s Technical Future: The Future Path Plan by NENA Technical Committee Chairs

W! 9-1-1 in a Mobile World: NENA-DOT Project to Speed Wireless Implementation by Jim Goerke

A Paper of Concept: Advancing the Delivery of 9-1-1 Services Nationwide Using a Concept of Ubiquity and Existing Network Features by Tony Busam

W! Bridging the Safety Divide: The Rural AP and Rural Wireless Carrier by Mark Musick

Winter 2001

Contingency Planning in the Changing Face of Disaster by Bill Munn, ENP

The Calm During the Storm: The story of NYC’s E9-1-1 Operation during and after the World Trade Center disaster by Ari N. Wax

Going for Gold—Emergency Communications Planning for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics by Jerry Evans

Special Event Security and the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center—Recommendations for 9-1-1 Managers by Rich Abrams 

Autumn 2001

W! Map Options: What Most PSAPs Need to Locate Wireless Calls by Brant Howard

Geographic Systems Benefit Dutchess County—Quality E9-1-1 Addressing and maps are just the beginning by Bob White

Creativity in Keeping Centerline Data Current by Nicki Bistrais

W! Applying GIS MappingWhat it can Do for Wireless 9-1-1 by Jerry Merlick

Summer 2001

W! Accelerating Wireless E9-1-1 Deployment:  Collaborating to Develop New Strategies by Ron Whinery

W! Wireless 9-1-1 Geolocation: A new way to save lives NOW by Jim Kauffman

W! Is Wireless Location a Dream?  Trial Illustrates FCC Location Requirements are Reachable by Rick Jones, ENP

W! Are we there yet?  Directions to follow on the Road to Phase II by Mark Drennan and Terri Thornberry

W! Garbage In, Garbage Out–Maintaining the Integrity of E9-1-1 Data Creating a Foundation for Wireless E9-1-1 by Sam Wallace

W! Make Room for Mapping: Preparation for wireless goes beyond equipment by Susan MacFarlane

Spring 2001

W! The Need for Wireless E9-1-1 — The Human Side by Craig Whittington

Mapping the Right Direction — What GIS advancements mean to public safety by Bill Weaver

How do Countrywide Emergency Response Centers Work?  A visit to Costa Rica’s 9-1-1 Emergency Center by German Giiendall Umana

Crawling Under Their Skin:  The Value of Emotional Common Sense by Sue Pivetta

W! Design Issues for Wireless 9-1-1 Systems: Wireless 9-1-1 Trunk Sizing Recommendations by Russ Russell, ENP

Winter 2000

XML & TCP/IP — That’s Internet!  What does it mean to my PSAP? by Larry Ciesla and Eileen Boroski

Assume Your Way to Great Leadership by Sue Pivetta

Initiative Underway to Standardize MLTS E9-1-1 Regulations by Robert Chrostowski

Autumn 2000

The Need for Speed by Pierre Plangger

NENA’s Generic Standards for E9-1-1 PSAP Equipment: A Valuable Resource for Telcos, PSAPs and PSAP Equipment Manufacturers by Billy Ragsdale and Randy Richmond

The Intelligent Link: Evolving Technology that Works Together by Cuneyt Ornek

Joining Forces to Beat Recruiting Challenges by Greg Ballentine

Summer 2000

The Ever-growing 9-1-1 Hiring Crisis by Sue Pivetta

W! The Wireless 9-1-1 Network: What is it? What does it look like? Why should I care? by S. Verdette Hall

Baltimore: Preparing for Emergency and Non-emergency Calls by Jeff Wittek

W! Enhanced Wireless 9-1-1 Milestone Accomplished on Canada’s East Coast by Mike Myette

What’s Your I.D.? NENA Company Identifiers are an Asset to PSAPs by NENA Staff

Less is More in Caldwell County, NC: A Story of Integration by Carla Bates and Richard Jenkins

Spring 2000

The Emerging Issues Involving HMOs and Managed Care: The Story Behind NENA’s Critical Issues Forum and the Collaboration on Health Care by W. Mark Adams

Looking for Allies in All the Right Places–Expanding Partnerships with Public Safety, Transportation & EMS by David Aylward

Technology Corner: NENA and the National Mayday Readiness Initiative by S. Robert Miller

Emergency Number Professional (ENP) Certification–Is It For You? by Eric Parry

W! Illinois Wireless 9-1-1 Legislation by David C. Whipple

Winter 1999

Communications Center Staffing: Calculating if Enough is Enough by Bill Weaver 

Technology Corner: The NENA Standards Process by S. Robert Miller

Charting the Future of 9-1-1: Introducing NENA’s National 9-1-1 Report Card to the Nation by W. Mark Adams

NENA & NHTSA: A Partnership for One Nation–One Number by Jeff Michael

Las Vegas Metro PD Covers their Bets for Y2K by Dave Wilson

Santa Visits O’Hare International Airport by Geoffrey Downey

September 1999

W! Network-based Wireless Location System Demonstrated in Phase II Trial by Joan Wathen

W! Handset-based Location Technologies:  A Viable Choice for Rapid Phase II Implementation by Andrew J. Rimkus

Competitive Pay Telephone Service Causes Problems in Canada by Judy Broomfield and Ronald Bonneau

W! The Best Kept Secret in Public Safety:  What Every PSAP Should Know About the Benefits of Phase I Wireless E9-1-1 by Lori Buerger

Same Service, Same Goals–Different Number:  Antwerp, Belgium Reaps the Rewards of 1-0-1 Emergency Response Equipment by Paul T’Kindt

Technology Corner:  Voice Over Data… The Next Challenge for 9-1-1 by Bob Miller

June 1999

W! Breaking Through the Wireless Location Barriers by John K. Fuller

PSAP Clutter Awareness by Sergeant Randall Larsen

Is Integration Cost Effective by Jeff Wittek

Integrating Geography and Technology by Craig Dollar

Almost Anything is Remotely Possible: Network management tools bring the information highway to the PSAP by David Wilson

March 1999

W! Phase I Implementation in Rhode Island by Ernest E. RIcci

To Provide or Not to Provide Customer TLC by Sheriff John W. Kohl

Eye on Washington: The 1996 Agreement by Jim Hobson

Technology Corner: Let’s Talk About Integration by Jacqueline Hike

December 1998

Is Your 9-1-1 System Protected? by Dr. Bill Munn, ENP

W! Wireless Location Services by Mark H. Flolid

Improving Spatial Accuracy of Base Maps for Wireless E9-1-1 Application by Keith W. Cunningham and Beth Ozanich

Technology Corner: Will Your System Take You Into the New Millennium? by Jacqueline Hike

September 1998

Best Practices in 9-1-1 Dispatching by Jody A. Hauer

Bang, Bang–You’re Dead: A Case for Using Simulation in 9-1-1 Training by Sue Pivetta

W! Wireless E9-1-1 Costs: Limited or Limiting by Ernest E. Ricci, ENP

Technology Corner: Put the Web to Work for You in the PSAP by Jacqueline Hike

June 1998

Finally a Controllerless PSAP 

ITS: The Next Public Safety Technology Challenge 

W! Phase II Financing – From a Carrier’s Viewpoint 

Technology Corner 

9-1-1 Liability Myths 

March 1998

W! The Great Debate … who should pay for wireless enhanced 9-1-1? 

Illinois – Public Safety Telecommunicator Training 

Ohio Becomes the 24th State to Establish Telecommunicator Training Standards 

Company ID Registration Service

Technology Corner 

December 1997

Does Your Agency Provide Equal Access? by Toni D. Dunne

W! Ten States Pass Legislation to Pay for Wireless Enhanced 9-1-1 

King County, Washington – Regional 3-1-1 Feasibility Study by Marilys Davis

In My Opinion: Why Three-One-One? by Bob Oenning

W! The Wireless Cost Recovery Challenge by Jim Nixon

September 1997

US Attorney General Janet Reno Urges ADA Compliance in 9-1-1 

NENA’s Public Service Announcement Debuts at Annual Conference 

Public Awareness and Enhanced 9-1-1 by Phillip A. Bruley

NENA’s Technical Committee Organization and Purpose by Billy Ragsdale

Chicago’s Emergency Communications Center Meets the Challenge by Glen A. Funk

June 1997

Liability for 9-1-1 Data Base by John H. Kelly and Ronald Bonneau

Drafting an Effective Request for Proposal by Phillip A. Bruley

Consolidation Management by Frederick G. Griffin and Danielle Johnson

March 1997

W! Wireless E9-1-1 in the Garden State by S. Robert Miller

W! The Texas Trial–From Barbed Wire to No Wire by John R. Melcher

The Race to Promote 9-1-1 by Ron Harris

Protecting 9-1-1 Data Base Confidentiality by Colonel Ernest E. Ricci