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IncorporateBUZZY and 9-1-1: How It’s Done into your publiceducation plan. Use it during presentations to elementary andpre-school children, donate it to local schools or libraries,and/or make it available to schools and pre-schools on a loanbasic.

Before 9-1-1: How It’s Done wasdeveloped, extensive research was conducted to understand theparameters of teaching children how to utilize 9-1-1 service.9-1-1 material currently on the market was reviewed and counselwas sought from practitioners, academicians, and persons in earlychildhood development.

The objective of the program is to build9-1-1 awareness among children age seven and under, and toprepare children to react effectively during an emergency bycalmly and automatically calling 9-1-1. The learning program’seducational emphasis is on what constitutes an emergency, how touse 9-1-1, and the information needed by the 9-1-1 call taker.

The program included a durable, oversizetext titled 9-1-1: How It’s Done showcasing BUZZY, thewarm friendly and informative 9-1-1 mascot and features rhymingtext and colorful pictures. The learning book includes a cassettefeaturing BUZZY narrating the book’s scenarios and childrensinging the “9-1-1 Song” to the tune of “ThreeBlind Mice.” There are also reusable stickers and atelephone keypad so kids can practice dialing 9-1-1.

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