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NENA Recommended Standards are developed by the NENA Technical Committees: Network, Data, PSAP/CPE and ALEC/PS. Once approved by the NENA Executive Board, these recommended standards help ensure consitency in the 9-1-1 industry. Telcos, vendors and users all benefit from widespread adoption of the recommended standards.

Item # NENA Standard Cost
ST-01-002 Master Glossary of 9-1-1 Terminology $ 5.00
Recommended Formats for Data Exchange
Street Thoroughfare Abbreviations
Protocols for Data Exchange
$ 5.00
ST-02-004 Recommended Measurements for
Data Quality
$ 5.00
ST-02-005 Recommended Standards for Local
Service Providers
$ 5.00
ST-02-006 Service Provider Local Number Portability $ 5.00
ST-03-001 Network Quality Assurance $ 5.00
ST-04-001 Generic Standards for E9-1-1
PSAP Equipment
ST-04-002 PSAP Master Clock Standard $ 5.00
ST-06-001 Recommended Standards for Local Service Provider Interconnection Information Sharing

$ 5.00

ST-PKG All 9 NENA Standards


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