Winter 1999


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Winter 1999

Communications Center Staffing: Calculating if Enough is Enough by Bill Weaver (Adobe Acrobat 4.0 PDF)

December 1998

Is Your 9-1-1 System Protected? by Dr. Bill Munn, ENP
Wireless Location Services by Mark H. Flolid
Improving Spatial Accuracy of Base Maps for Wireless E9-1-1 Application by Keith W. Cunningham and Beth Ozanich
Technology Corner: Will Your System Take You Into the New Millennium? By Jacqueline Hike

September 1998

Best Practices in 9-1-1 Dispatching by Jody A. Hauer
Bang, Bang–You’re Dead: A Case for Using Simulation in 9-1-1 Training by Sue Pivetta
Wireless E9-1-1 Costs: Limited or Limiting by Ernest E. Ricci, ENP
Technology Corner: Put the Web to Work for You in the PSAP by Jacqueline Hike

June 1998
Finally a Controllerless PSAP (June 1998)
ITS: The Next Public Safety Technology Challenge (June 1998)
Phase II Financing – From a Carrier’s Viewpoint (June 1998)
Technology Corner (June 1998)
9-1-1 Liability Myths (June 1998)

March 1998
The Great Debate … who should pay for wireless enhanced 9-1-1?
(March 1998)
21 States to Consider Wireless Enhanced 9-1-1 Bills in 1998 (March 1998)
Illinois – Public Safety Telecommunicator Training
(March 1998)
Ohio Becomes the 24th State to Establish Telecommunicator Training Standards
(March 1998)
Company ID Registration Service
(March 1998)
Technology Corner
(March 1998)

December 1997
Does Your Agency Provide Equal Access?
(December 1997)
Ten States Pass Legislation to Pay for Wireless Enhanced 9-1-1 (December 1997)
King County, Washington – Regional 3-1-1 Feasibility Study
(December 1997)
In My Opinion: Why Three-One-One?
(December 1997)
The Wireless Cost Recovery Challenge
(December 1997)

September 1997
US Attorney General Janet Reno Urges ADA Compliance in 9-1-1 (September 1997)
NENA’s Public Service Announcement Debuts at Annual Conference
(September 1997)
Public Awareness and Enhanced 9-1-1
(September 1997)
NENA’s Technical Committee Organization and Purpose
(September 1997)
Chicago’s Emergency Communications Center Meets the Challenge
(September 1997)

June 1997
Liability for 9-1-1 Data Base
(June 1997)
Drafting an Effective Request for Proposal
(June 1997)
Consolidation Management
(June 1997)

FCC Docket 94-102 Will Take Effect 60 Days After Release of Text  
(March 1997)
Wireless E 9-1-1 in the Garden State
(March 1997)
The Texas Trial – From Barbed Wire to No Wire
(March 1997)
The Race to Promote 9-1-1 (March 1997)
Protecting 9-1-1 Data Base Confidentiality (March 1997)

December 1996
The FCC Docket 94-102, Telecom Act of 96 and You
(December 1996)
Confidentiality: Restricting Public Access to 9-1-1 Voice Recordings and Data Base Information (December 1996)
A Holistic Approach to a Healthy 9-1-1 Data Management System (December 1996)

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