Washington State E911 – April 30, 1996

Washington State E9-1-1 Office
Revised Code of Washington

CHAPTER 28A.335.320 Enhanced 911 Service -- Common and Public School Service RequiredCHAPTER 38.52 Emergency ManagementSections38.52.005  State Military Department to administer emergency  management program - Local organizations authorized  to change name.38.52.010  Definitions.38.52.020  Declaration of policy and purpose.38.52.030  Director--Comprehensive emergency management plan  Statewide enhanced 911 emergency communications  network--State coordinator of search and rescue  operations--State program for emergency  assistance--State coordinator for radioactive and  hazardous waste emergency response programs.38.52.500  Statewide 911 enhanced service--Finding.38.52.510  Statewide 911 enhanced service--Funding by counties.38.52.520  State enhanced 911 coordination office.38.52.525  State enhanced 911 coordination office--Public  education materials.38.52.530  Enhanced 911 advisory committee--Expiration of  section.38.52.535  State enhanced 911 coordination office and advisory  committee--Uniform national standards.38.52.540  Enhanced 911 account.38.52.550  Emergency communications systems and information--  Immunity from civil liability.38.52.560  Automatic number identification--Wireless two-way  telecommunications serviceCHAPTER 43.43.934 State Fire Protection Policy Board - DutiesCHAPTER 80.36.560 Enhanced 911 service--Business service   required.CHAPTER 82.14B Counties - Tax on Telephone Access Line UseSections82.14B.010 Findings.82.14B.020 Definitions.82.14B.030 County enhanced 911 excise tax on use of switched  access lines and radio access lines authorized--  Amount--State enhanced 911 excise tax--Amount.82.14B.040 Collection of tax.82.14B.050 Use of proceeds.82.14B.060 Administration and collection.82.14B.070 Emergency service communication districts--  Authorized--Consolidation--Dissolution.82.14B.090 Emergency service communication districts--Emergency  service communication system--Financing--Excise  tax.82.14B.100 Emergency service communication districts--  Application of RCW 82.14B.040 through 82.14B.060.82.14B.900 Severability--1981 c 160.
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