NENA, Washington State Chapter

Regular Business Meeting Minutes

September 25, 1996

Host: Michael Grossie

Moses Lake Washington

Attendance: Naomi Wu, Robin Osberg, Ken Replogle,Teresa Bingman, Debby Boysen, Manfred Rose, Dennis English, MichaelGrossie, Doug Gehrke, Hank Cramer, Jackie Lorca-Merono, DavidHarris, Steve Reinke, Robert Gubseur, Gene Strong, Anita Patera,Bill Enderby, Andy Hahn, Roger Trump, John Wilding, Bob Oenning,Kent Ziemer, Barbara Pilot-Leonard, Ken Back, Rosalie Parr, JoannBoggs, Allen Jakobitz, Mel Boston, Bob Holliday, Doug Ballard

Naomi Wu Called the meeting to order at 1.35 P.M.

Introductions were made around the room and MichaelGrossie announced that a no-host dinner will be held at Michaelson the Lake.

Two guest speakers were introduced, Ray Delleckerfrom Proctor and Associates and Bob Holliday from ETS, LTD. Bothspeakers gave presentations on Wireless Cellular 911 Identification.

Ray Dellecker presentation.

Ray Dellecker explained that the Proctor Cellularten digit call solution was developed by Proctor and Associatesin cooperation with SCC and US West. Ray stated that US Westselected Proctor as the equipment vendor of choice for this development.

Ray mentioned that 13% of Clark County emergencycalls is cellular and that the King county percentage is evenhigher. Ray covered the dates of FCC docket 94-102 phase oneand phase two ruling. By the year 2001 identification will haveto be within 125 meters of the cell phone.

With today’s Proctor solution, a ten digit callingnumber display shows up at the PSAP. The Proctor solution doesnot require the PSAP to make any changes and identifies the cellor cell face. This solution meets phase one FCC requirements. Ray mentioned that a field trial at Clark County was a successand they processed correctly about 130 calls each day for fourdays.

Bob Oenning mentioned that in the state of Washington we have shortage of trunking facilities. Doug Gehrke explainedthat this system took care of the trunk number increase problem.

Bob Holliday Presentation:

Bob mentioned that law enforcement technology believes that the Proctor solution and theirs works well together. Bobexplained that the cell phone is really nothing more than a radio,and the only way to find a radio is with a radio direction finder.

He explained that their solution provided a onethird radius accuracy , PSAP’s equipped with grid maps can sendsomeone out with radio direction finder. A small radio directionfinder sells for about $1000.

His solution is for the phase two FCC ruling, hementioned that the Proctor solution works well for the phaseone and believed that his solution would integrate well with theProctor solution.

Many thanks to Ray Dellecker and Bob Holliday forgreat presentations.

Naomi thanked Allen for contacting Ray and Bob whoprovided interesting programs.

Naomi next asked for approval of minutes and mentionedthat the education award was for 1997 and not 96. Minutes wereapproved.

Treasures report: $1888.88and petty cash.

Secretary had no report.

Bob Oenning was asked if there was anything he wantedto share with FCC docket 94-102 in relation to PBX’s. Bob statedthat he believed that the manufacturers must give ANI informationin a format the PSAP’s can receive. The industry side of theequation said they want the same as public safety.

Larry asked Bob about installed base and Bob saidhe thought the ruling would come out that installed PBX basewould have to provide ANI.

Allen discussed the new guidelines that are availablefor the county coordinators. He asked that they pick one upafter the meeting is adjourned. These guidelines are providedby the state E911 office.

Committee Reports:

Legislative Committee:

Marlys Davis was not available and Ken Back reported. He wanted to know what items the members felt we should pursue.He stated that there are two pieces that relate. 1. Assumingthe counties will keep the state 20c tax and don not drop it,and a provision for state taxation of wireless devices. Question: If the counties do pursue the tax, do we want to pursue it? We do not currently have a bill before us. Ken wanted to knowwhat position should we take as an association.

Doug Gehrke said it is apparent that the impact isgreater on smaller counties and their personnel. Keeping the20c would help both, we should take a position as a group to keepit because of the unfunded impacts. It was moved that we supportthe 20c tax. Motion was seconded and carried, Ken Back wantedto know in what form, a letter etc. Naomi said we should letthe counties know that we are in support of maintaining the legislation.It was moved that a letter be drawn for Naomi’s signature. Motionwas seconded with no further discussion .

Administration of the 20c tax by the Departmentof Revenue was discussed. There are currently 24 telephone companiespreparing the tax. It costs $42,000 to have the state revenueoffice collect the tax. It was recommended that we stay neutral. A win-win would be if they did it for the same cost as the militarydepartment. No motion needed since no action is taken at thistime.

AT&T proposed another number tested i.e., N11for other locations, should we have a position in favor and shouldwe write a letter. National has written a letter already, Naomifeels that we should not get involved, Bob Oenning said that wedo not have the facilities in this state for more N11 numbers. He said adding more N11 numbers could cause a dilution problem. We felt it wise for the association to write a letter opposedto the president’s recommendation for another N11 number. BobOenning said that we should CC members of Washington delegation. A single number in the nation for non-emergency needs, Bob feelsthis is the dumbing of the public. A motion was made that a letterbe prepared for Naomi’s signature, motion carried and seconded.

PBX Legislation: It was felt that we should waitand see what the FCC does before we take any action.

Wireless issue: We are in a reactive mode at thispoint. Need to watch what is taking place at the state level. The question was asked, should we have a legislative fax or phonetree. It was felt that the Fax tree is quicker. Ken volunteeredto coordinate. Dave Harris, Mike Grossie, Manfred Rose, GeneStrong and Rosalie Parr Volunteered

Should 911 be restricted from commercial purposes? Jim Quackenbush has brought this issue up before. Naomi feelsstrongly about the privacy issue, she mentioned a person inanother state killed because of the lack of privacy, felt it waskind of like the Becka Law. Naomi will call and get more information. Bob Oenning felt that the only protection was for commercialpurposes. Newspapers would come down against the bill as theyhave done in the past.

Naomi mentioned that a joint APCO/ NENA Oregon strategicplan raised $2500 towards hiring a lobbyist. Naomi wanted toknow if we should explore doing the same. Bob Oenning said thatamount of money does not buy you enough to get anything passed,only killed. No action was taken.

Report on Technology committee:

Hand out provided by Jane Bissonette, TechnologyCommittee Chair to be included with minutes. Jane was not ableto attend this meeting.

Public Education Committee:

Allen asked that the committee approve the programthat he provided, he also asked for the following.

  • That a budget of $300 be established.
  • Asked that a Selection Committee chair be appointed.
  • Asked that a May chapter meeting award luncheonbe approved.

All the above items were approved and Naomi appointedAllen to be the Selection Committee chairperson.

Included with minutes is the 9-1-1 Education Programof the year.

Allen discussed the nomination program process. Nominations must be received by January 15th 1997. Copy of formis included with minutes.

Allen asked Bob Oenning to report on the meetingwith FCC in regards to what is taking place with PBX ruling, Bob reported that the FCC will probably make a ruling before theend of the year and he felt that the ruling will be requiringPBX manufactures to provide ANI capabilities with new systemsand that the installed base will be required to provide ANI also. There was no date provided when PBX manufactures and the installedbase will have to comply.

Old Business: Need to report by 12/15/96 the 911Coordinators Forum Meeting dates.

1997 NENA Meeting Schedule, first Thursday of thefollowing months.

February Port Angeles February 6th

May Moses Lake May 1st

September Republic September 4th

December Olympia December 4th

December 96 meeting will be in Olympia, WA., KenBack is the host

Allen was appointed to make changes on the WEB page,he will only make general changes, not policy, he was remindednot to use WENA. The address for the WEB Page for those who haveaccess to the Internet is

Allen mentioned that Red E. Fox is being used asthe National Mascot for 911 training in the classroom. Thereare classroom kits available at a reasonable cost. Please contactNaomi for more information.

Archives of 911 phone logs are normally maintainedfor 3 months; state archives is asking for consensus if thisamount of time should be increased. Chapter consensus was thatthe time interval should not increase. Naomi will write a letterrequesting to keep it at 30 days.

If submitted by Oct. 31st the Emergency and Professionalcertificate filing fee of $40 will be waived. Also, if sixor more apply for the certificate an alternate site other than Spokane will be provided for testing. Naomi mentioned she wouldlike an alternative site in Seattle, please contact Naomi before
Oct. 31st if interested .

NENA standards can be ordered for $20.00, contactNaomi for further information.

Newsletter proposal: Chapter recommends startinga newsletter. Asked for volunteers, only one person raisedher hand (Jackie Lorca-Merono) to work on newsletter. We needmore volunteers.

Bob Oenning suggested that the Internet should beused for the newsletter and use Allen as the contact person. No further action was taken on this subject at this time.

Naomi Wu closed the meeting at 3:55 PM.

Minutes submitted by: Larry Scott




1:30 P.M.



Emergency Operations Center

4220 East Martin Way

PO Box 40955

Lacey, Washington 98503

(360) 459-9191

From I-5 Southbound From I-5 Northbound

1. Take Exit 109: turn right onto Martin Way, 1.Take Exit 108b & loop over the freeway

continue on past College Street. on toSleater Kinney Road, north.

2. Turn right at stoplight onto Martin Way.

2. Facility is located on the right side of the street3. Facility located on the left side of the street

at 4220 East Martin Way (adjacent to the at 4220 East Martin Way (adjacent to the

Washington State Patrol Complex). WashingtonState Patrol Complex)


Opening of Meeting


Approve September Minutes


Treasurer- Mel Boston

Secretary – Larry Scott

State Office – Bob Oenning

Sub – Committees:

Legislative: Marlys Davis

Education: Allen Jakobitz

Telecommunications Technology: Jane Bissonette

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