Wireless CIF Presentations

The following are Adobe PDF versions of numerous slide presentations given at NENA’s Regional Wireless CIFs in early 2001. Presentations are arranged by category, then presenter (presenters varied from Forum to Forum, so all slide presentations are provided here for your information).  For Adobe PDF instructions, click here.

Local Exchange Carriers (LEC)/ 9-1-1 Service System Providers

These slides will provide answers on how wireless Phase I and II are going to be implemented in your region.

Third-Party Service Provider

The following presentations will provide a more in-depth knowledge on why the data elements of wireless implementation are an area that should be addressed early on in the implementation process. The issues explained range from call flow to long-term.

Public Safety

This presentation identifies the resources you need for implementation.

  • Norm Forshee, ENP, 9-1-1 Coordinator, St. Clair Cty. (IL) ETSB; NENA President


Wireless implementation may or may not require an equipment upgrade for you. The following presentations will discuss the state of the art and the minimum requirements of CPE/CAD equipment. Also, wireless implementation will likely lead to a need to plot caller locations on computer based maps. These presentations will also help you understand their needs and capabilities in terms of using Geographic Information System (GIS) computer based mapping for all plotting, and specifically the GIS map data requirements needed to support the plotting of such calls. Interfacing such mapping capabilities to an E911 ALI data and/or CAD are also mentioned.

  • Paul Linnee, ENP, Sr. Account Manager, GeoComm Corp.
  • Bob White, Sales Engineer (GIS), Plant Equipment, Inc.
  • Craig Dollar, Vice President Sales/Marketing, TelControl, Inc.
  • Phil Rotheram, Director of Sales, Positron Public Safety Systems


Government representative and wireless board representatives discuss how to acquire funds set aside for implementation.

  • Oenning & Jaeger; Bob Oenning, ENP, E9-1-1 Admin., Military Dept.–Emer. Mgmt. Div;
    Barbara Jaeger, ENP, State 9-1-1 Administrator, State of AZ Dept. of Admin ISD

  • Richard Taylor, E9-1-1 Board Admin., NC Dept. of Information Technology Svcs.

  • Winston Pierce, Chairperson, State of Florida Wireless 9-1-1 Board

Technical Overview

A synopsis of the overall technical framework of wireless implementation.

NENA Overview

There are several issues associated with wireless 9-1-1, such as liability, cost recovery and legislation. This presentation reviews these issues and shows NENA’s goal for wireless 9-1-1 and how NENA plans to accomplish this feat.

  • Norm Forshee, ENP, 9-1-1 Coordinator, St. Clair Cty. (IL) ETSB; NENA President