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Wireless 9-1-1 Web Pages
Wireless 9-1-1 implementation is a daunting but critically necessary task. NENA’s Wireless 9-1-1 Web Pages are here to help you through this process with resources you can use. These pages will be updated with new information and helpful documents as they become available.

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FCC Approved Deployment Summary Table: This wireless 9-1-1 deployment summary table illustrates the plans of six major wireless carriers, based the recent FCC approval of waivers. Carriers include VoiceStream, Nextel, Cingular, AWS, Verizon and Sprint.

Wireless Waiver Request Table: Under rules established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), wireless carriers were required to provide Automatic Location Identification (ALI) as part of Phase II E9-1-1 implementation beginning October 1, 2001. As we approached that date, many, if not most major wireless carriers had filed requests with the FCC to waive parts of those rules, most notably the deployment and accuracy provisions involved. The nature and potential results of these many requests can be confusing. This Wireless Carrier Waiver Summary Table summarizes the requests from eight of the larger carriers.

Wireless 9-1-1 Overview: A general article/information page talking about what Wireless 9-1-1 is, what the three Phases of Wireless 9-1-1 are, the when it’s supposed to be implemented, wireless telephone call statistics, and more. 

Reference Information: A variety of information including FCC rulings, wireless matrix, wireless checklist, links to NN articles, wireless call tragedies, and more.

Wireless CIF Presentations: Adobe PDF versions of slide presentations given at NENA’s Region-Specific Wireless 9-1-1 CIFs early in 2001.

Wireless Web Links: Links to additional resources on the Internet.

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