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BellSouth andSCC To Provide
Enhanced Wireless 9-1-1 for Carriers

Boulder, Colorado, November 18,1997 — Cellular phones are prized by travelers for the securityand safety they provide. Still, BellSouth believes you can alwaysmake a good thing better.

That?s why BellSouth andColorado-based SCC Communications Corp. have formed a strategicalliance to enhance the 9-1-1 safety net for users of wirelesscommunications services.

Since wireless callers? exactlocations often are unknown, they can experience delays ingetting assistance. Additionally, today?s 9-1-1 systemcan?t automatically determine wireless callers?telephone numbers. This means that emergency dispatcherscan?t reconnect with wireless 9-1-1 callers if their callsare interrupted or disconnected.

BellSouth is enhancing its 9-1-1system to eliminate unnecessary delays in callers gettingemergency assistance, said Rod Odom, President, BellSouthBusiness Systems. “With our 9-1-1 enhancements, publicsafety answering agencies will receive a 10-digit call-backnumber for wireless emergency calls and be able to identify thearea from which wireless 9-1-1 calls originate,” he said.

“Last year nearly 22 millionemergency calls were placed nationally from wireless phones.That?s over 59,000 calls each day or 41 calls everyminute,” according to George Heinrichs, SCC President andCEO. “SCC provides 9-1-1Connect™ service,which complements BellSouth?s ability to physicallyinterconnect wireless and wireline networks by addingcapabilities for database planning, construction, maintenance andcoordination among public safety groups and wirelesscarriers,” he said.

“Without the BellSouth andSCC wireless 9-1-1 enhancements, critical time could be lost inresponding to accidents and other emergency calls,”Heinrichs said.

BellSouth and SCC?senhancements are compatible with the existing equipment installedin public safety agencies, allowing them to better serve wirelessemergency callers and dispatch help more quickly and efficiently.The enhancements will be in place by April 1, 1998 and will bemade available to all wireless companies offering cellular orpersonal/digital communications services.

The BellSouth – SCC strategicalliance joins the leading 9-1-1 service provider in theSoutheast with the nation?s leading 9-1-1 data managementprovider. According to BellSouth and SCC representatives, thiscombination will have a major impact on public safetyagencies? ability to provide a higher level of service towireless emergency callers.

About SCC

SCC Communications Corp., foundedin 1979, is the largest and fastest growing provider of

9-1-1 database andtelecommunications technology systems in North America. Based inBoulder, Colorado, SCC?s products are utilized by more than160 million people worldwide. SCC?s National Data ServicesCenter provides critical information management and systemsupport for the Enhanced 9-1-1 network infrastructure. SCC?sleadership role in the 9-1-1 industry is evidenced by its recentinvolvement in the three major wireless 9-1-1 trials conducted inthe U. S. to date.

About BellSouth

BellSouth providestelecommunications services in nine Southeastern states,including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana,Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Withits headquarters in Atlanta, BellSouth serves 23 million localtelephone lines and provides local exchange and intraLATA longdistance service over one of the most modern telecommunicationsnetworks in the world. For more information on BellSouth, visitour site on the World Wide Web at

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