Wireless Phone Board

State Wireless Board Election

The wireless bill in the legislature will create a five-member board to oversee the implementation of the FCC rules and distribute the revenue from the access fee to the Communications Districts.

The Commercial Mobile Radio Service Emergency Telephone Services Board (The Board) will have two members nominated from the Communications Districts. ALNENA will serve as the body to forward these nominations to the Governor.

ALNENA is accepting nominations for two individuals to serve on the Board. One will be from a District that does not employ dispatchers / calltakers, and the other member will be from a District that does employ calltakers / dispatchers. This will give both points of view on the Board.

Seth Phelps, Immediate Past President of ALNENA, is serving as Wireless Board Election Committee Chair. He will accept nominations until February 6, 1998 at 4:00 p.m. You may nominate yourself or someone else by informing Seth prior to the deadline.

Nominees should have a letter from their Board/Council/Commission (governing body) supporting their nomination and pledging that the individual will be allowed to donate their time to this important job. Letters are due prior to counting of ballots. Nominations may be made without the letter due to time constraints.

Ballots will go out on February 12th, and must be returned by March 6th. The two individuals with the highest vote totals in each category will receive the recommendation from ALNENA to the Governor.

Seth Phelps
Baldwin County 9-1-1
P.O. Box 924
Robertsdale, AL 36567
Fax 334.947.2740
[email protected]