Recognizing our Certified Emergency Number Professionals!


Last April, ninety one NENA members across the county successfully completedthe test to become the first Emergency Number Professionals certified byour association.

Certification is a tool of a professional association to establish thebenchmarks of performance that will signify a broad-based competence inthe professional field. By successfully completing this certification program,these members have demonstrated a mastery of the comprehensive knowledgebase required for emergency number program management, helping to raiseindustry standards and increase the respect and prestige of those involvedin 9-1-1.

Furthermore, they confirmed their commitment to the9-1-1 profession by showing themselves to be a leader in public safety andhave pledged to stay aware of current issues and developments in the field.

The ENP test will be continuously updated to reveal knowledge of contemporaryissues.

Congratulations are due to CALNENA ENP’s:

  • Gary E. Boyd, Moss Bay Group, Sherman Oaks
  • John C. Bush, Palo Alto Police Dept., Palo Alto
  • Edmund G. McDonnell, GTE, Norwalk
  • Bill McMurray, Marin County Sheriff’s Dept., San Rafael
  • Michael G. Petricca, Pacific Bell, Sacramento
  • Steven Weissenflug, GTE, Long Beach.

Watch for information in the NENA magazine or on the web page on thenext round of ENP testing — this is a great way to demonstrate the professionalstatus of your position.