Wireless 9-1-1

Wireless 9-1-1

Everybody is anxiously awaiting word on exactly how the State of California will implelement the requirements contained in FCC Docket 94-102 on wireless 9-1-1 services. We have arrived at technical and logisitcal cross roads, with the maturation of cellular telephone networks, the advent of the new personal communications networks, deregulation, and the FCC ruling, the way we handle wireless 9-1-1 calls must change.

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Update on Docket 94-102

Phase I requires 9-1-1 caller ANI and cell sector translation codes be delivered to the PSAP. Phase II requires location technology which will display the 9-1-1 callers location to within 125 meters.

This creates a significant technical challenge. The State 9-1-1 Program is seeking a statewide solution to implementing each phase.

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