Welcome to our web site. We’ve redesigned these pages for 1998. Our hope is to share the latest information about what is happening with 9-1-1 in California. Take a look around for the latest California 9-1-1 news.


CALNENA Conference Pictures

The first batch of pictures from this year’s conference are ready and available here. (For those of you with dial in connections to the ‘net, these may take a few moments to download…)

California Emergency Number Professionals

Last April, ninety one NENA members across the county successfully completed the test to become the first Emergency Number Professionals certified by our association.

State of California Report

At the CALNENA Chapter meeting in Walnut Creek on November 6, Leah Senitte, Manager for the California 9-1-1 Program and First Vice President of the NENA Executive Board, updated the membership

3-1-1 Trials in California

Whether you think it friend or foe, 3-1-1 is here.


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