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Alternate telecommunications providers and the evolution of number portability drive a need in 9-1-1 service for identification of the relationship between telecommunication company and telephone number. This need is driven by two factors:

Speed of identification by PSAPs

– when a PSAP needs to quickly contact the 9-1-1 call originatingCompany for line interrupt, call trace, and other emergency actions, the typical use ofthe NPA-NXX for Company identification will no longer be effective

– an identifier that can be applied by telephone number is needed tosupport individual telephone number portability

– a Company ID that associates 24 hour access numbers with eachtelecommunications company is needed for the above functions

Data Base Management

– supports tracking, completeness, and accuracy in 9-1-1 data recordprocessing by both the 9-1-1 service providing Company and the data record source Company

– administration and management of discrepancy resolution amongmultiple Companies

– recognize that the Company providing dial tone and originating a9-1-1 call may not be the same Company that provides the source data base record for thetelephone number.

Purpose of the NENACompany ID Registration Service

A national 9-1-1 Company ID registration point was recommended byNENA Standards work groups in 1996, and subsequent work has been directed to making thisservice a part of the NENA Web Site, for general access. This approach is intended tosupport standardization of 9-1-1 Company Identifiers, and to supply a single point ofadministration for the Company ID file content and update. In addition, the design of thisservice allows each telecommunications company to assign multiple IDs, so that 24 hourcontact information can be identified for individual service areas.

Listing the registered Company IDs in the Company ID database allowstelecommunications companies, states, counties, cities, and PSAPs to access and use theCompany ID information.

A national Company ID in 9-1-1 service allows the PSAP to identifythe switching carrier for the caller, and to determine the 24 x 7 number of the Companyfor emergency contact needs. In the Company ID database description (below) each Companyidentifies one ID for each service area supported by the same 24 x 7 contact number. Ifthe Company has a national switching center that takes calls from PSAPs for emergencyassistance, the Company needs only one ID for this purpose.

Use of theService

For your convenience, NENA has created an online Company IdentifierData Base Input Form that you can either print out and fill in or you can complete itonline, click the submit button, and you will be invoiced for the fee.

If you choose to print the form and fill it in, pleasemail or faxit to the address/fax below.

Fax: 703-812-4675 Address: 4350 North Fairfax Drive, Ste. 750 Arlington, VA 22203

The annual fee applies for each ID registered andadministered by NENA:

Annual Fee

Applies to:


Telecommunications entities with 1 to 24,999 access lines under their control, or 1 to 24,999 service subscribers in service (includes Private switch/multiline telephone system users – including IP-based MLTS)


Telecommunications entities with 25,000 to 99,999 access lines under their control, or 25,000 to 99,999 service subscribers in service


Telecommunications entities with 100,000 to 499,999 access lines under their control, or 100,000 to 499,999 service subscribers in service


Telecommunications entities with 500,000 or more access lines under their control, or 500,000 or more service subscribers in service

It is recommended that the Company Identifier be one that a publicsafety telecommunicator can readily interpret. A 3 to 5 character contracted spelling of theCompany name is usually possible. The Company’s choice for an Identifier is likely to beaccepted by NENA, provided that it is not already registered by another Company.


The chosen Company ID code structure should bealpha ONLY, and upper case characters should be used. All IDs inthe data base must be unique, and they must be limited to 3-5 characters.

The 24 hour by 7 day telephone number should be that number thatwill allow the safety agencies to contact the Company’s switching support center for lineinterrupts, call traces, or other emergency contact reasons.

The area covered by the 24×7 number may be national, regional, asingle state, or other combinations. Please concisely indicate coverage area in the”Area Supported” field by the use of 2-character state abbreviations (OH, VA,CA, OK), “All” to indicate all US states, or Canadian province abbreviations.This will allow searching the “Area Supported” field for those Companiesregistered in a given area.

Please contact NENA, at 800-332-3911, if you have any questions.

Company Identifier Data BaseInput Form

Update to existing CID
Company Identifier (5) Alpha – minimum (3)
Physical Address:

Company Name (40)

Street Address (64)

Street Address 2 (64)

City (32)

State (2)

Zip Code (10)

Invoicing/Mailing Address (If different from above address):

Company Name (40)

Address (64)

Address 2 (64)

City (32)

State (2)

Zip Code (10)

Invoicing/Billing Contact: (40)
24 Hour x 7 Day Telephone Number (12)
Access number for Safety Agencies to contact switching carrier

Area Supported by service (64) 2-character state names, or other

Type of Local Service (10) Examples: Facility, Reseller, PBX, etc.

# of Access Lines/Subscribers (10)
Admin Contact Name * (32)

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