NENA Critical Issues Forums

Alexandria, VA
May 20-21, 1999

Learn how transportation, EMS, and 9-1-1 will reshape theemergency services industry

Demonstration projects for intelligent transportationsystems have already been completed. Widespread application of Automated CrashNotification (ACN) systems will occur in a few years, and promises to reshape E9-1-1 andresponse services as we now know them.

This Critical Issues Forum represents the first timeall of the key actors from the transportation industry, EMS providers and 9-1-1 have cometogether to discuss key issues related to ITS/CAN.

Attendees will hear from subject matter experts andpolicy makers on the latest developments in intelligent transportation systems, wirelesstelecommunications, and Enhanced 9-1-1. More importantly, there are breakouts and periodsof open discussion to share knowledge and perspectives.

You will benefit from:

  • A dynamic program led by subject matter experts
  • Opportunities to ask important questions
  • Take-home information to help you in your job
  • Networking opportunities and peer interaction

Don?t miss these opportunitiesto learn about ITS/ACN and its impact on 9-1-1!

Hear from the following industryleaders:

Ricardo Martinez, MD.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Leah Senitte

President, National Emergency Number Association

Alan Blatt

Veridian Engineering

Bob Gojanovich

Bell Atlantic and Chair, NENA Network Technical Committee

David Aylward

President, ComCARE Alliance

D. Craig Roberts

General Council, ITS America

Tom Wheeler

President, Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association

Steve Millstein

President, Protection One

Bruce MacDonald

GM Onstar

Jim Beutelspacher

9-1-1 Product Manager, Minnesota 9-1-1 Program

Steve Souder

Administrator, Arlington County (VA) Emergency Communications Center

Bob Miller

NENA Technical Issues Director

Dennis Gorski

County Executive, Erie County (NY)

and more are being added!

Whoshould attend?

  • 9-1-1 Center Managers
  • State transportation officials
  • Automotive companies
  • State 9-1-1 Coordinators
  • Wireless company representatives
  • Government and regulatory officials
  • ITS America Members
  • Third party emergency service providers

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