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Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Communications Center

The City of Charlotte Police Department and the Mecklenburg County Police were consolidated in October 1993 to form the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. The department covers 542 square miles with a population of 628,000.

The department has total of 1,808 allocated positions, of which 1,596 are sworn, and 212 civilian positions. The department is divided into the following divisions: Office of the Chief, Administration, Investigations, and Service Areas. There are four main service areas (Adam-Baker-Charlie- David) which are subdivided into twelve districts.

The Communications Center is located on the third floor of the Police Headquarters Building, and is the primary PSAP for the city and county. Incoming 9-1-1 calls needing fire or medic are transferred to those respective agencies. In addition to dispatching Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officers the Communications Center also dispatches the Town of Davidson Police, Davidson College Police, and Mecklenburg County Security.

A communications Manager leads the Communications Center, with 1 Technical Support and Project Coordinator, 8 shift Supervisors, 1 Administrative Assistant and 113 allocated Telecommunicators. The Center has sixteen 9-1-1 positions, 12 radio positions, and 1 main supervisor position. In 1997, the center received 695,458 calls through 9-1-1. The department utilizes Motorola?s CENTRACOM Gold Elite Radio workstations, Plant Equipment VESTA phone system supported by GTE Customer Networks, and Eyretel E-Ware digital logger. The department is presently replacing our MDT system with laptops utilizing Cerulean Technology and Bell Atlantic Mobile infrastructure. Intergraph Public Safety has been selected as our CAD vendor to replace our present homegrown CAD.

For additional information about the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department we invite you to visit our web page at:

 Charlotte Fire Department Communications

The Communications Division of the Charlotte Fire Department is a stand alone 24-hour emergency communications center responsible for efficiently matching the public?s requests for service with the resources of the fire department. The current facility, located with fire station one, was completed in 1991. Fire and EMS first responder services are provided for the City of Charlotte, which covers 234 square miles with a total population of 513,000. The Department employs 851 personnel, with 777 sworn and 74 civilian positions.

The division is staffed with twenty-three civilian employees working eight-hour shifts on a permanent shift assignment. Each of the five shifts are comprised of one Telecommunicator II (shift supervisor) and three Telecommunicator I?s. The remaining three divisional employees are the Telecommunicator II, Training Officer who is responsible for all divisional training as well as department radio training; the Telecommunicator II I who is responsible for logistical and computer support; and the Communications Manager. These three positions work Monday through Friday with flexible hours.

The Communications Center utilizes a Positron Lifeline 100-telephone system with enhanced 9-1-1 as the primary public emergency access to the department. Enhanced 9-1-1 is utilized countywide with city fire calls being routed to our facility through the primary public safety answering point in police communications. The Communications Center also receives requests for service through ring-down lines connected to both the Police Department and Mecklenburg County?s communications center for EMS service and Volunteer Fire Department Dispatch. Four direct access non-emergency public information lines are also located in the center. In addition, each of the City?s thirty-two fire stations are connected to the Communications Center by a direct ring-down line.

Telecommunicators use an in house developed mainframe based computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, Motorola 800 MHz 28 channel trucked radio system through CRT consoles, Dictaphone logging recorder, Watson Furniture consoles, Motorola INTRAC Fire Station Alerting System. The four console positions handled 59,490 dispatched incidents last fiscal year.

 Mecklenburg EMS Agency Communications Center

Located in a new facility in Charlotte, Mecklenburg EMS Agency serves 542 square miles and a population of 628,000. The Communications Center is a secondary PSAP. A staff of 26 is responsible for county-wide EMS dispatch and fire dispatch outside the city limits, resulting in about 50,000 calls annually. The Center also serves as the warning point for two area nuclear power stations.

The Communications Center utilizes an American Tri-Tech CAD system, a GPS tracking system and a Motorola Smartzone 800 MHz trunked radio system. All telecommunicators are EMS, EMT and APCO certified.

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