98 Exhibitor Information

The 1998 NENAAnnual Conference Exhibitor Information

Cincinnati, Ohio



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The National Emergency Number Associationlooks forward to welcoming you to Cincinnati, Ohio for its 1998Annual Conference and Trade Show, June 21-25, 1998 . Thisextraordinary event owes much of its success to the great supportit has received from the public safety exhibitors.

Why is the number of exhibits growing atsuch a dramatic rate? Because exhibitors are guaranteed exposureto a large , quality audience of 9-1-1 professionals from NorthAmerica and overseas. (We have already outsold last years totalexhibit space.)

Why do the NENA’s exhibiting companiesreturn year after year to the Annual Conference? Because theirresults are impressive. Simply put, they seek contacts andvisibility and the NENA conference delivers just that.

Whether you are considering exhibiting forthe first time or continuing a tradition At this meeting, wehighly recommend that you exhibit in 1998. It’s the only placeyou can reach the people who count in 9-1-1. The NENA conferenceattendees are looking for products and services like yours tohelp them serve their agencies and communities.

Please review these pages and sign up foryour exhibit space NOW! You won’t want to miss this event!

What is the NENA AnnualConference?

The NENA Annual Conference provides a forumfor 9-1-1 professionals to meet and discuss issues, share ideas,and solve problems. The educational program features speakersfrom the industry, state and local governments, and state andnational regulatory agencies.

Products & Services

If you have a product or service to sell tothe telephone companies or agencies in the 9-1-1 field, then theNENA Annual Conference is the only place for you! This is theonly show where you can showcase your product or service to sucha large, quality audience of 9-1-1 professionals:

State, City, County and Township Officials9-1-1 Coordinators Police and Fire Department ChiefsCommunication Managers and Supervisors Telephone Company 9-1 -1Specialists, Managers & Executives

These people purchase:

PSAP Equipment / Data Management Hardware& Software / CAD Dispatching systems / Radios and RadioConsoles / County Mapping & Surveying / TelecommunicationsEquipment & Services / Recording Equipment & Supplies /Engineering, Network and Data Base Consulting Services

Education Sessions

The NENA Annual Conference has become knownas the only conference to convene for a 3-1/2 day schedule of9-1-1 related educational sessions and trade show. NENA offers atotal of over 60 sessions – not only for those wanting to upgradeand/or expand an existing system but also for those in theplanning stages of 9-1-1.

Workshop Tracks include:

Operations / Wireless 9-1-1 / Training /Disaster Recovery / 9-1-1 Implementation / Americans withDisabilities Act / Public Education / Data Base Management /Rural Addressing / Administration Legal and National Issues /Technical Aspects of 9-1-1 / Implementing Rural 9-1-1 /Geographic Information Systems / Telephone Industry Interests /9-1-1 Center Management

Exhibit space rental information

The Fee for Each Booth Includes:

Two Exhibitor Registrations per 100 sq. ft.(additional passes available for a fee)

Draped back wall and sidewall for in-linebooths

Listing in the March and June NENA News

Listing in the 1997 Conference ProgramGuide

24 Hour Security

Daily aisle maintenance

One complete set of mailing labels ofconference attendees (upon request)

Booth Cost:

$1,400 per 100 sq. ft. (10×10) in anyconfiguration

10×10 = $1,400 / 20×20 = $5,600 / 20×30 =$8,400 20×40 = $11,200 / 30×30 = $12,600 / 30×50 = $21,000

Selection of Exhibit Space Past NENAexhibitors are offered booth space selection priority based onthe number of consecutive years as an exhibitor. (See ExhibitRules and Regulations on back side of the Application for ExhibitSpace). Priority selection will be made during the scheduledtimes at the Baltimore ’97Conference. Additional exhibitors willbe allocated space on a first come, first served basis.

All booth space reservations must bereceived with a 50% deposit for the space being reserved. Finalallocation of exhibit space will be made by NENA.

Exhibitor Conference Registration

All exhibitors and their staff mustregister for the conference on the Exhibitor ConferenceRegistration form. (You will receive this form after yourapplication and deposit have been received by NENA). Two (2)exhibitor registrations are included per 100 square feet, i.e. a20′ X 20′ includes eight (8) exhibitor registrations.

Exhibitor registration includesregistration materials, welcome reception, admittance to exhibithall and conference workshops. Registration does NOT include thefinal night banquet or special optional events. Tickets for theseevents may be purchased separately.

If you have any questions or wouldlike a complete exhibit package please contact Tim Rorris(NENA Exhibit Manager) at 614-459-7707 or email me at [email protected]

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