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May 28, 1998

Dear Exhibitor:

The excitement of the ?98 Nena Conference is just around the corner. MGP andAssociates are working closely with the Conference organizers, the City of CincinnatiConvention and Visitors Bureau, the key local media and the Trade Media to ensure thatyour Company receives the best and most extensive press coverage at this year?sConference.

Although we have invited an extensive list of media representatives, we encourage youto invite the Press of your choice. We would appreciate the names of the Press you inviteand the times you have scheduled with them to ensure that we can accommodate allinterviews and private discussions in our Press Room.

The Press Room facilities will be available to you from 8:00 a.m. on Monday June 22ndthrough Thursday June 25th. Please provide your Press Kits prior to theConference to:

Tim Collins, Show Management

c/o Geo. Fern Co.

1100 Gest Street

Cincinnati, OH 45203

Attention: Darleen Finnamore, Press Room

On behalf of the ?98 Nena Conference, I look forward to working with you towardsmaking your attendance at this year?s Conference a major success. If you have anyquestions, please don?t hesitate to give me a call at 613-839-2261 or via email at [email protected] .

 Yours truly,

Darleen Finnamore

Senior Consultant

Special Events & Media Relations

 101 West 79th Street, Suite 2E, New York, N.Y.10024-6372 (P) 613-839-2261 (F) 613-839-3291