PreConference Courses

Pre-Conference Courses

Offered Sunday, June 21, 1998

The9-1-1 Puzzle: Putting all the Pieces Together

This course has proven to be an excellent way for attendees togain a good understanding of 9-1-1 concepts and how all thepieces of the 9-1-1 puzzle fit together!

The course covers a wide variety of 9-1-1 topics, includingoperations, human resources, data base management, addressing,public education and marketing, and future issues facing 9-1-1.

This 6-hour course is just $195 and includes all instructionalfees, course materials and lunch.

Managingthe 9-1-1 Center

This course is designed for current or prospective 9-1-1center managers. Topics include: selection and hiring procedures,learning organizations and other new approaches to training, theimportance of sound standard operating procedures, your role as amanager, building motivation and morale, secrets to effective9-1-1 management, solving real life issues and more. Thephilosophy of this course is to provide an atmosphere thatempowers the participants to adopt a new position in how theyview their roles as managers and leaders.

This 6-hour course costs just $195 and includes allinstructional fees, course materials and lunch.

E9-1-1 Data Base

Because the data base is one of the major components of the9-1-1 environment, its development and maintenance are essentialfor delivery of Enhanced 9-1-1 service.

The E 9-1-1 Data Base course has been developed to explain howE 9-1-1 data bases are built and maintained. It is targeted tothose who are about to begin working on the E 9-1-1 data baseprocess either with a public service agency or at the telephonecompany working level. An imaginary county, Kneenah County, hasbeen created to provide a backdrop for exercises in building thevarious data sets that are common to all 9-1-1 systems.

This 8-hour course costs just $195 and includes allinstructional fees, course materials and lunch.