Keynote Speakers and Entertainment

Keynote Speakers/Entertainment

Scott O’Grady

“Return With Honor”

Scott O’Grady speaks about his incredible true-life struggleto survive in the hostile territory of war-torn Bosnia. ScottO’Grady’s story is an inspirational tale of courage, faith andpatriotism by an American hero.

In June of 1995, U.S. Air Force Captain Scott O’Grady washelping enforce the NATO no-fly zone in the skies over Bosniawhen a Soviet-made anti-aircraft missile slammed into his F-16.Captain O’Grady’s presentation focuses on the story of how hemanaged to live through the missile impact, the techniques heused to survive in a barren and hostile landscape for six days,and the real story behind the daring rescue mission carried outby the U. S. Marines.

W Mitchell

“It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you doabout it.”

Challenge. We all face challenges of varying degrees everyday, whether its professional or personal, large or small,immediate or over time. And change – some invited, some unaskedfor – is our biggest challenge. The author of The Man Who WouldNot Be Defeated was burned over 65% of his body and 4 yearslater, paralyzed. Yet, armed with a new attitude, he’s co-foundeda multi-million dollar business, become a respectedenvironmentalist, a mayor, a pilot, and an active sportsman.


Back by popular demand: Phil Dirt and theDozers will dazzle and entertain during the Wednesday, June 24th,Final Banquet.