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NENA holds four major events annually and many others are held by Chapters.

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Annual Conference & Trade Show

Held in various locations throughout the U.S. each June.  This one of a kind Conference & Trade Show is designed for you, whatever role, you play in emergency communications.  You will hear about the public safety issues of the present and future and learn how these topics are all related and interconnected.

TDC/ODC – A joint working conference

Technical Development Conference (TDC)

As the premier public safety conference for discussion on 9-1-1 technical issues and solutions, NENA’s TDC brings relevant topics to the forefront, from rapidly emerging technologies to Next Generation 9-1-1(?) continued development. Through the years, NENA has established itself as an industry leader in standardizing technical solutions through its Technical Committees. These standards have helped increase effectiveness of 9-1-1 call handling and emergency response, as well as promote teamwork among industry providers of public safety products and services


Operations Development Conference (ODC)

The ODC is designed to help 9-1-1 professionals learn about and improve on their overall 9-1-1 operations and management. NENA’s Operations Committee volunteer members work year-long on the development of model recommendations and standards, as well as other operations information documents. 9-1-1 centers are provided the tools they need to maintain a consistent level of service and work in relation to their peers in neighboring counties, states, provinces, and territories. In recent years, the ODC has had a strong focus on the major changes in the communications industry directly impacting PSAPs and telecommunicators. ODC participants address the challenges and also the opportunities that emerging technologies present – from an operational perspective.

9-1-1 Goes to Washington

Presented jointly by NENA and the E9-1-1 Institute, 9-1-1 Goes To Washington is a dynamic forum with educational sessions, keynote speaches and outreach on today’s most critical 9-1-1 and emergency communications policy issues.  Attendees hear directly from policy makers, Members of Congress, FCC Commissioners and Administration officials and represent their state in meetings on Capitol Hill.


URISA/NENA Addressing Conference

This event is presented jointly with the Urban and Regional Information Systems Accociation (URISA).  The event brings together GIS professionals, addressing coordinators, 9-1-1 emergency response specialists for the purpose of education and networking.

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