NENA Courses

NENA Courses

NENA currently offers three courses for those with careers in the 9-1-1industry. Courses are generally offered at the NENA Annual Conference in Juneeach year, and at some NENA State Chapter Conferences. Courses may also beplanned at other times for groups of 8 or more. Textbooks for these courses arealso available through the NENA ProductCatalog.

The 9-1-1 Puzzle: Putting Allthe Pieces Together

This course has proven to be an excellent way for people in the industry togain a good understanding of 9-1-1 concepts and how all the pieces of the 9-1-1puzzle fit together! The course covers a wide variety of 9-1-1 topics, includingoperations, human resources, data base management, addressing, public educationand marketing, and future issues facing 9-1-1. This is a 6-hour long course.


Managing the 9-1-1 Center

This course is designed for current or prospective 9-1-1 center managers.Topics include: selection and hiring procedures, learning organizations andother new approaches to training, the importance of sound standard operatingprocedures, your role as a manager, building motivation and morale, secrets toeffective9-1-1 management, solving real life issues, and more. The philosophy ofthis course is to provide an atmosphere that empowers the participants to adopta new position in how they view their roles as managers and leaders. This is a6-hour long course.


E9-1-1 Data Base

Because the data base is one of the major components of the 9-1-1environment, its development and maintenance are essential for delivery ofEnhanced 9-1-1 service. The E9-1-1 Data Base course has been developed toexplain how E9-1-1 data bases are built and maintained. It is targeted to thosewho are about to begin working on the E9-1-1 data base process either with apublic service agency or at the telephone company working level. An imaginarycounty, Kneenah County, has been created to provide a backdrop for exercises inbuilding the various data sets that are common to all 9-1-1 systems. This is an8-hour long course.


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