From Ostrich to Eagle: Improving the PSAP Work Culture


Expanding Your Horizons

Do you find yourself spending more time dealing with coworker interpersonal issues than doing your actual job? We all know that the PSAP is a stressful environment. Long shifts, work overload, crisis calls, and thankless members of the public can test even the most patient worker’s mettle. While we can’t change any of that, there are ways to reduce the headaches brought on by uncivil, difficult, or bullying peer-to-peer interactions.
News stories about harassment and bullying have become commonplace. But behaviors that cause hurt and humiliation to others don’t develop overnight, instead they gradually take root and breed a toxic environment over time. This course examines the wide-range of interpersonal issues that create an unhealthy workplace culture, provides strategies for dealing with difficult coworkers, bullies, and other problem employees, and assists in the development of policies to ensure that your agency is a safe and respectful workplace.
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