Training the 9-1-1 Trainer


Getting the Word Out


Are you looking for information on how to reach adult learners? Are you in need of fresh strategies to keep your classes interesting? Are a few students with negative attitudes dragging everyone down? Are you tired of watching eyes glaze over as training wears on? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many who came before you have successfully overcome these issues. How did they do it?

Come to this class and learn techniques proven successful in PSAPs around the country to revitalize your 9-1-1 training program. Don’t you think that an instructor should leave every class feeling energized, and every student should go home with smile on their face? This highly interactive class will provide you with the tools to make this dream a reality and help you be the best trainer that you can be!
Courses within the Getting the Word Out suite are: