9-1-1 Center Consolidation


Keeping Your PSAP Finely Tuned

This course is designed to help PSAP managers and 9-1-1 officials understand the often difficult and demanding process of consolidating multiple PSAPs into a single, unified communications center. Written based on the experiences of private sector professionals and 9-1-1 center managers who have overseen consolidation projects, the class emphasizes the steps necessary to overcoming the doubt, opposition, and obstacles that are common to most consolidation efforts.

Created for those who are leading or participating in a consolidation project, topics of discussion include the reasons for consolidation, assessing existing conditions, determining a consolidated center’s needs, the goals of consolidation, and project planning. This course is strongly recommended for PSAP managers, public safety agency chiefs and administrators, elected officials, and 9-1-1 board members whose agencies and communities may benefit from successful PSAP consolidation.

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