Keeping Your PSAP Finely Tuned


Where do you start when it comes to developing a procedure manual? Should you develop a policy, procedure, or guideline manual? What is the difference? How do you develop a consolidated communications center manual from scratch or from several existing manuals? This one-day “hands-on” course is divided into two sessions designed to answer these questions and provide guidance in this difficult and time-consuming task.
The morning session of lecture and exercises examines the difference between policies, procedures, and guidelines while reviewing accreditation, standards, and best practices that drive your particular agency’s needs. Students will learn a seven-step process in procedure manual development and then learn the process for maintaining those manuals. The afternoon session provides for hands-on procedure development and critique. Students are encouraged to bring whatever procedures or procedure manuals on which they are currently working. Workgroups will be set up and time will be spent actually writing procedures and receiving feedback from the instructors, as well as peers. Students will not only take away the knowledge, experience, and feedback from the instructors, but will be given tools and sample manuals to increase their opportunity for success.