Understanding GIS for the PSAP


Learning the Ropes

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) plays a major role in today’s PSAP and will become increasingly important as we move towards a Next Generation 9-1-1(?) system. This course will demonstrate, in easy-to-understand language, what GIS is and why it is needed. Attendees will learn how to acquire, maintain, correct, and integrate GIS data, while exploring issues such as call routing, address verification, funding, data development, MSAGs, and call taker map displays.

In an interactive and entertaining environment, those who are new to GIS will gain an understanding of how they can meet accuracy requirements and other GIS data needs to ensure that their system is equipped to handle the data delivered by today’s wireline, wireless, and VoIP calls while preparing for NG9-1-1(?). While no prior GIS experience is required to attend this course, a basic understanding of 9-1-1 terms and processes is beneficial.

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