Continuity of Operations Plans for PSAPs


Preparing for the Worst

Does your PSAP have a Continuity of Operations Plan (CoOP)? While most centers have overarching disaster plans and make logistical preparations (to varying degrees) for disaster response and recovery, what would happen to your management team in the wake of catastrophic events?

Do all your key personnel know the order of succession for your agency? Are they well versed in carrying out essential functions and roles they may have to assume? Are procedures in place for relocation, devolution, and reconstruction? Whether you have a Continuity of Operations Plan or not, this course will show you how to create one, or improve what you already have in place. Additionally, attendees will learn the elements necessary for writing comprehensive and effective CoOPs, strategies for informing and educating team members, and methods for enacting the plan under extreme circumstances.

Courses within the Preparing for the Worst suite are: